MGB-XI notifies deficiencies of Nadecor-Calalang group in copper-gold exploration application in Pantukan, Comval

feb 21, 2104

The Mines and Geo-Sciences-XI has recently bared its findings stating eight deficiencies in the application of Nationwide Development Corporation (Nadecor) for copper and gold exploration in gold-rich barangays in Pantukan, Compostela Valley.

The application for the Declaration of Mining Feasibility of Nadecor under the group of a certain Conrado  Calalang was assessed to have suffered deficiencies, among which are the proof that Calalang is the authorized signatory of Nadecor, environmental compliance certificate (ECC), prior free and informed (PFI) consent of the indigenous people and endorsements of LGUs of five barangays, Sangguniang Bayan of Pantukan and Sangguniang Panlalawigan of Compostela Valley.


The MGB-XI’s letter was dated Feb. 7, 2014, signed by OIC regional director Noel Angeles.

The letter found its way to the legislative council of the municipality.

One municipal councilors who came to have a copy of the letter said on the condition of anonymity that all they wanted is peace and order to reign in the area following the burning of a backhoe owned by the municipal LGU Wednesday last week by still unidentified elements.

He said he did not know why the municipal backhoe was deployed in the mining area and as to which competing group Mayor Roberto Yugo is siding with in the present dispute.

The gold-rich areas have been lately disputed by two contesting groups from the same corporation Nadecor- the Conrado Calalang group and Jose Ricafort group, which are locked in corporate and legal struggle that reached in the Supreme Court.

The burning was the latest violent incident following armed skirmish between the hired tenement guards of the two groups last year that resulted to the killing of one belonging to Ricafort’s group.

Three years ago Nadecor started exploring the area as one company backed up by its service provider St. Augustine Services, Inc. (St. Augustine Gold & Copper Ltd.) which has a tie-up with Aurubis Ag, a multinational foreign mining firm.

The exploratory phase accordingly found the areas to be rich of copper and gold resources.

The same requirements had already been complied by erstwhile united Nadecor which were claimed by the Ricafort’s group being the original board of directors.

Calalang’s group earlier set up its own new board of directors that triggered corporate battle.

St. Augustine firm is reportedly backing up the Calalang’s group.

Nadecor has an approved Mineral Production Sharing  Agreement (MPSA) over 1,656 hectares, which attracted St. Augustine firm to make a tie up with Nadecor.

The MPSA covers five barangays- Kingking, Magnaga, Tagdangua, Araibo and Napnanap. The barangays are adjacent to the small scale mining sites that experienced disastrous landslide in 2011.

Environmental groups which barricaded the town’s highway section last year to oppose open-pit mining said that St. Augustine is the local firm put up by a US-based multinational mining firm named Russel Mining and Minerals, Inc.  (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


4 Responses to “MGB-XI notifies deficiencies of Nadecor-Calalang group in copper-gold exploration application in Pantukan, Comval”

  1. oliver vicente Says:

    This “violent incident” is clearly meant to derail the project in Pantukan. As for the true board of Nadecor, the Court of Appeals has already made a decision and it was in favor of the Calalang group and I believe that the CA’s ruling must be followed awaiting the Supreme Courts decision.

  2. Pantukan Examiner Says:

    Are you sure what you have written? If you are, and your objectivity has not been shrouded, why for the sake of truth not name your source? I don’t think someone worth his salt has the moral ascendancy to hide in the cloak of anonymity just so he could attack a reputable company.

  3. Baay Nami Says:

    Do you know that the Calalang group was recognized by the Court of Appeals as the sole representative of the Nadecor? Do you know that KGCP has been helping the communities in Pantukan? Now, if I may ask, tell me who is the councilor and I will tell you he is lying through his teeth. Otherwise, you are.

  4. Meredith P. Says:

    But isn’t the case resolved by the Court of Appeals in favor of the current Board of Directors headed by Mr. Calalang? It seems that KCGP has everything in place already and ready to go, and their plans will definitely uplift the standard of living for the people of Pantukan.

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