Davao Norte provl govt buys P28 M amphibian backhoe to dredge overflowed rivers

jan 15, 2014

The Davao del Norte provincial government has acquired an amphibian backhoe to lead in current fleet of heavy machinery deployed in the dredging of silted rivers that caused floods when they overflowed after long rains.

Governor Rodolfo del Rosario, in an interview, bared that the amphibian backhoe, worth P28 million, is coming this month and will be deployed in the dredging activities done by the provincial government in the silted rivers of Saug, Tibal-og, Tuganay, Pagsabangan and others.

The amphibian backhoe has the capability to float while it works.


He said that with the new equipment the dredging works of the provincial government would be hastened after the destructive low pressure area that put six towns of his province under the state of calamity is over.

He said that the LPA has impacted another great damage in his province.

The governor has still no estimate of the the LPA’s damage as he is still awaiting official assesment from the field at press time.

At least 2,000 families have been evacuated by the provincial and municipal disaster reduction and risk management councils while the LPA bringing continuous rains for two days made onslaughts in the province starting Thursday.

The governor said that the three persons who died due to LPA flooding had not been caused during the government’s rescue and evacuation operations but in separate accidents where they did not heed government flood warnings. The three who died lived along the river.

He also said that “plans are already in place” to relocate families living along rivers which are considered as danger areas.

“Whether they like it or not, they have to be relocated otherwise dying of people would be continuing for us during flooding,” he said.

“We have to be worried to protect our people,” he added.

He said that it is different now when the province was affected by the amount of rainfall as a result of climate change, adding that “everytime it rains and when it rains continuously, there’s flooding, unlike before that only rains at night, and there’s sun in the next day.” (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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