“Customs Davao Port is one with Mayor Duterte’s fight vs smugglers”- Collector Pacasum

jan 11, 2014

The Bureau of Customs Port of Davao acting district collector Datu Samsom Pacasum welcomed Wednesday the declared fight of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte against smugglers saying that “the BOC Port of Davao is one (with the mayor) in curbing smuggling in his jurisdiction.”

In a press release distributed to reporters, Pacasum said that in response to Mayor Duterte’s drive, the BOC Port of Davao has “further intensified its implementation of the tariff and customs laws, rules and regulations for any importation which passes thru the Port of Davao.”

“If any of importation does not have its proper entries filed, does not fully pay its duties and taxes, has spurious bills of lading, or makes a misdeclaration, BOC will immediately cause its seizure and institute the proper administrative proceedings against the goods and the persons involved in this kind of smuggling,” Pacasum said.

The acting collector further said he would “personally involve himself in helping Mayor Duterte track down and prosecute smugglers who not only evade payment of taxes to the government but most of all slowly kill our farmers and destroy the local rice industry thru unfair competition.”

“With the full cooperation between the Philippine National Police, National Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Customs and the Local Government, we sincerely believe that the war against smugglers and corrupt government officials will come soon to an end,” Pacasum added.

“The persons responsible for these will immediately realize that the efforts being made by said agencies, as headed by our Local Chief Executive, will slowly make the world small for them. Davao City is not a haven of smugglers and should not be made a port for the entry of their criminal trade,” he said.

The BOC Port of Davao further assured the public that its “unwavering crusade against smugglers will never cease and will only be further strengthened under the support and administration of the other concerned agencies.”

Moreover, Pacasum announced that the BOC Port of Davao posted a total of P6.115 billion collection for the whole year of 2013, which exceeded by P390.221 million from its target of P5.725 billion.

“By these results, we can see that the method being applied by the Port of Davao is so far successful in properly implementing the customs laws to every entity passing thru it,” he said.

Pacasum assumed office last Sept. 22 first as deputy collector for assessment amid BOC nationwide reforms and back-to-mother-unit personnel reshufflings, before being designated as the acting district collector.

Mayor Duterte earlier warned and threatened “to shoot” particularly rice smugglers caught in his declared drive to fight them to protect the rice industry.

His kill statement has him put anew at the glare of national media and met a word of caution from the Commission of Human Rights, to which he further twitted its chair “to shut up”. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

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