Typhoon Pablo-struck banana industry makes Davao Norte’s P1.92 B tax goal hard to attain

dec 6, 2013
The Revenue District Office No. 112 based in Tagum City can certainly not attain its tax collection goal of P1.92 billion by December 2013 as it only collected taxes worth P1.68 billion only as of the end of October.
Revenue District Officer Nelia Demalata said in an interview Thursday that the target balance of P227 million is barely hard to collect considering that it has only two months left to collect while RDO 112’s average monthly tax collection target is P100 million. 
Demalata attributed the biggest shortfall in the tax collection from the banana industry, which had already a goal-to-collection deficit of P233 million until September 13, 2013.
With this and the general trend of economic slowdown after typhoon Pablo struck December last year has given negative impact to the tax collection efforts of RDO 112, she added.
RDO 112 is in charge of the collection of taxes in the provinces of Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley, where the export cavendish banana production thrives as Top 1 throughout the country.
Typhoon Pablo, which just crossed its one-year anniversary, badly ravaged the banana production of the two provinces. 
“Compared to last year, banana planters paid paid taxes but with a decrease of 12 percent as of October 2013 while in the previous years before Pablo they posted an average growth rate of 25 percent in tax collection,” Demalata said.
She said that RDO 112’s tax collection has ever relied on the stable tax accounts such as the remittances from withholding taxes from national government agencies and local government units, general merchandises, wholesalers and retailers, “which have already hit 12.35 percent over from the tax goal.”
RDO’s figures for November 2013 have yet to be consolidated at press time. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

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