Infra completion-oriented reshuffling to effect in Tagum City Hall in 2014

jan 2, 2014
Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon bared that he is effecting this new year 2014 an infrastructure-oriented personnel reshuffling “to do away from too much bureaucracy” that proved to delay completion of projects and city maintenance works.
He said that he would form at least four task forces that would affect mostly the personnel from engineering department while carting out some personnel from few relevant departments.
He cited to form the purok road and improvement task force, drainage construction and maintenance task force, asphalt plant operation task force, and small improvement and imaintenance task force.
“Trusted and capable personnel would lead in the task forces, and they would have to directly report to the mayor as I would have to directly engage with the task forces to complete and finish projects that were started during the previous administration like the new City Hall,” he said.
He expressed dismay that at the rate projects have been done in last year there seemed to be organized delay and even snobbish posture of some old personnel in the City Hall in the way they seemed to be unmoving over his directive to fasttrack project completion and maintenance works “even including submission of reports.”
“I’ll put in somebody whom I trust in each task force. Each has to render monthly accomplishment report detailing his day-to-day activities,” the mayor added. 
Rellon vowed anew to finish the more than P700-million still-unfinished new City Hall at Barangay Apokon, where the city’s spectacular fireworks display on New Year was successfully launched, even as he waits for the final go-signal from the Commission on Audit to proceed.
He said that the city government is already incurring more than P60 million annually or over P5 million monthly in interest payments alone for the bank debts owing to new City Hall construction. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte) 

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