TRO-benefited customs collector heads Customs Port of Davao

oct 18, 2013
One of the 27 customs collectors affected by a reassignment order but not a petitioner in the temporary restraining order against it is the one heading the Bureau of Customs Port of Davao.
BOC Davao acting deputy collector for administration Dan Oquias said in an interview that Customs Collector V Raymond Ventura is deemed as their regular district collector by virtue of the 20-day extended TRO secured by 15 of the 27 affected customs collectors as well as due to an earlier customs personnel order of Commissioner Ruffy Biazon effecting a recall to plantilla positions of customs collectors and other key customs officers. 
But after October 21, he added, Customs Collector IV Samsum Pacasum would become the officer in charge (OIC) district collector of the BOC Davao “if they (the group of 15 customs collectors) could not secure a permanent TRO.” 
Biazon issued his customs personnel order (CPO) No. B-189-2013 last Sept. 17 detailing influential 27 customs collectors ranked V and VI to the newly created Customs Policy Research Office (CPRO) under the Department of Finance, which was not implemented due to series of TRO issued by Manila courts first for three days, and then extended for another 20 days until the coming October 21. 
The 15 TRO petitioners cited lack of due process and violation of their security of tenure.
Meantime, Pacasum is acting as BOC Davao deputy collector for assessment, Oquias said.
Both Ventura and Pacasum arrived in BOC Davao office at Sasa wharf last Sept. 30 seeing OIC district collector lawyer Edward James Dy Buco heading the port. Dybuco has been in that post for over a year now after district collector Martiniano Bangcoy took a leave of absence for health reasons.
With Ventura’s entry, Dy Buco slid down as the deputy collector for operations.
Dy Buco  had been holding the post while the entire Customs agency is rattled off by series of reshuffling moves of Biazon, and sniping between him and Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima over policies, days following the public chastising of the BOC by President Aquino last July due to continued rampant corruption in and smuggling involving the bureau. 
At one time, Purisima chided Biazon for not consulting him when the latter effected a personnel movement.
BOC is the Department of Finance as its mother agency.
Both Biazon and Purisima though decried over the extension of the TRO saying that the it ran counter to the efforts to reform the BOC.
BOC Davao personnel have been confused over the BOC situation in the national level that seeped down the port level.
Though BOC Davao reels on BOC’s nationwide shake-ups, it managed to hit its target last September by collecting P571.188 million.  (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

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