Customs Davao Port reels from no district collector but hits P571 M collection in Sept

oct 4, 2013
The Bureau of Customs Port of Davao continues to reel from having no regular district collector even as the extension of temporary restraining order case filed by a group of 15 collectors against a detail directive of Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima and Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon has been denied Friday.
For a month now BOC-Davao’s second-in-line officials and employees have been experiencing uncertainty on who is their boss, the district collector, as in the week earlier “an Ilocano” BOC official from Manila appeared in their office to assume as the OIC district collector but a few days after he went back to BOC Manila as reports swirled that Commissioner Biazon issued a return-to-original unit directive to  BOC officials in various ports nationwide.
Last week, there was no virtually no district collector running BOC-Davao even as report said that OIC district collector Edward James Dy Buco was said to be transferred to his original unit in Cebu Port as customs legal officer, his original assignment prior his deputy collector post in BOC Davao two years ago.
Dy Buco turned out to remain holding the district collector post, running BOC Davao as Commissioner Biazon issued his customs personnel order (CPO) No. B-189-2013 last Sept. 17 detailing influential 27 customs collectors ranked V and VI to the newly created Customs Policy Research Office (CPRO) under the Department of Finance.
Of the 27 officials affected, fifteen collectors assailed Biazon’s order and secured Tuesday a 72-hour temporary restraining order from Regional Trial Court Branch 22 in Manila in their petition for declaratory relief, citing that Biazon’s detail order was done in bad faith, and operates as constructive dismissal or demotion on their part and a forced relinquishment of their permanent positions that would put all of them in floating status.
RTC Judge Marino dela Cruza granted a 72-hour TRO to the petitioners, which they subsequently petitioned to be extended for 20 days. The judge denied the motion for extension Friday afternoon, reports heard in BOC Davao said.
Collector V Raymond Ventura, one of the 27 collectors affected  arrived  Friday morning in BOC Davao to assume as OIC district collector only to meet in the afternoon a news that the 20-day motion for TRO extension of the group of 15 collectors was denied. He is not part of the group of 15 who filed the TRO.
 Ventura arrived as Biazon last Monday issued a memorandum designating 17 next-in-rank and most senior officials as OIC port collectors to man in various 17 ports nationwide including the NAIA and the Manila International Container Port and Port of Manila. 
Customs collector Samsum Pacasum from BOC Iligan City was designated to be the OIC district collector of BOC Davao.
But it is still a guessing game who would become the regular district collector of BOC Davao.
“Maybe after the barangay election, we can have already the much-awaited regular district collector. Kahit sinong makaupo dyan, ang gusto lang namin na may regular collector na,” said a second-in-line BOC Davao official, who refused to be named.
He said that BOC Davao personnel have been confused over the BOC situation in the national level that affected port level.
The group of 15 collectors included the argument in their petition that Biazon and Purisima made an undue haste in issuing the detail order to beat the barangay election ban on reassignment of government personnel from Sept. 28 to October 28, 2013.
Though BOC Davao reels on BOC national shake-up that draws resistance from the Group of 15, it managed to hit its target by more than 16 percent in its cash collection of P571.188 million for the month of September 2013 under the steering of holding-on OIC district collector Dy Buco, in the report of BOC Davao cashier Melody Magdadaro furnished to Rural Urban News. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

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