Comval typhoon victims ask PNoy to form independent fact-finding body to probe on alleged relief goods’ maldistribution for massive vote-buying last May polls

sept 17, 2013

Some 10,000 people from Compostela Valley have signed a petition to President Benigno Aquino III asking him to form an independent fact-finding body to probe on deceitful distribution of relief goods which they claimed were used to allegedly perpetrate massive vote-buying to vote straight “18-0” in favor to the Liberal Party candidates during the last May polls.

Rex Torregosa, one of the lead petitioners of the petition and typhoon victim in Compostela town, said that they have already submitted their petition to Malacanang last month. He furnished Rural Urban News a copy of the petition.

He said they have attached in their petition were photos, audio and video files in compact discs, certificates of canvass and PCOS election returns to support their allegations of massive vote buying of the Liberal Party candidates through the use of relief goods, which they claimed were used to threaten voters into voting for all the 18 LP local candidates from governor to district congressman down to municipal councilors.

In the petition, they alleged that legitimate victims of typhoon Pablo were threatened, and intimidated by barangay officials “who were made as goons” that they would not be given relief goods such as rice, food packs, galvanized iron and a promised P1 million per barangay “if they would not vote for the 18 LP candidates.”

“Threats were done to barangay functionaries, health workers, purok chairmen and 4 P’s beneficiaries who plan not to vote straight,” it said.

It also alleged that the GI sheets were given only the supporters of the LP candidates five days before the election day. 

“We request for investigation of the election results as there is a great variance between the total number of valid votes counted and the total votes garnered by the candidates in the barangay (-level results),” the petitioners asked.

The petitioners also prayed to the President in their petition “to make an accounting of all the donations and relief goods distributed whether it tallies with the relief goods they received from different agencies and to determine whether these families who received such relief goods were legitimate victims of typhoon Pablo.” (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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