Comval Congw. Maricar Zamora welcomes SC ruling on PDAF

nov 21, 2103

Compostela Valley Representative Maricar Zamora (1st District) has welcomed the latest decision of the Supreme Court declaring the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) as unconstitutional.

She posted in her FaceBook account her seven-paragraph statement Thursday afternoon, first describing the decision as “a turning point in our history” and as a “response to the growing public clamor to abolish the PDAF due to recently-discovered, large-scale scams involving the misuse of the PDAF.”

The congresswoman said that the House leadership, “to its great credit” had already expressed its support to the Supreme Court ruling “even before the decision was ever made.”

“The Supreme Court’s decision’s effects and consequences will be felt most especially by Members of Congress, whose roles and responsibilities in the past were largely defined by how they dispensed their PDAF, rather than how they performed in legislation,” she said.

“The battleground has now shifted from the ability to “bring home the bacon” for the district, to one requiring time-tested and reliable skills on lobbying and pushing for responsive laws,” she added.

“However, with this change, we ask our constituents for understanding. The old way by which we were able to directly help and intervene in crises, problems and social issues by funding programs and projects is no longer the case. We will continue to help, but in newer and different ways,” she said.

“Our world as lawmakers has been interminably changed with the abolition of the PDAF. The job of being a legislator has now become a full-time, highly technical and exacting profession, demanding necessary training, experience and a fully evolved worldview for the public good.”

“We can no longer tackle our role as the voice of the people through the traditional way of doing things, nor can we entrust it to those who rely solely on patronage and transactional politics to achieve their own selfish ends. We owe it to our constituents to transform accordingly, with the requirements of the times. If we fail to rise to the challenge, then we will do so as a disservice to the public. Let us thus welcome the sea-change of reform, and let us ride the tide of new beginnings in fiscal responsibility and accountability in governance,” the second-termer congresswoman concluded. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

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