New City Hall’s canvass roofing needs some more stretching-City Engr. Corporal

aug 22-28, 2013

Tagum City Engineer Roosevelt Corporal bared that the new City Hall’s canvass roofing needs some more stretching and additional yards of it to be imported from China.

He told Valley & City Chronicle in an interview that the stretching of the roof’s canvass (trapal in bisaya) is a “difficult and risky” job, but he continued “we have already workers trained to do that.”

“Kulang pa, ug mopalit pa ta sa China,” he said referring to the canvass material needed to complete the roofing system of the new City Hall located at Barangay Apokon.

When typhoon Pablo struck last December 2012 it was only the GI sheets and common trapal temporarily placed on the roof for the previous musikahan festival and for temporary shade that were destroyed and blown away, the city engineer said.

“When I went to Singapore, didto ko na nagka idea why the canvass roofing is used in the new City Hall,” he said recalling that he saw there many small and medium buildings having canvass roofs.

The new City Hall structure was designed by Engr. Isolde Flores, an Australia-based engineer tapped as a consultant of the city government. Flores contract with the city government already ended.

Engr. Corporal added that several of the remaining works of the gigantic almost P1-billion worth new City Hall can be capably done “by administration,” meaning by the city government’s engineers and workforce such as the glass installation, ceiling works and part of the tile works.

The major works needed to complete the structure would still to be decided by the new administration of Mayor Allan Rellon as to whether it would be constructed by administration or by an outsider contractor, he said.

The new City Hall has still a funding of P231 million from loan, with which the city engineer said they would strive to finish the structure which has “70.15-percent physical accomplishment” at present.

Corporal rose from the ranks to become the city engineer last March 15 in his 14 years now of working with the city the government since 1999.

He started as project engineer as a single yet during the first interrupted term of former Mayor Rey Uy and subsequently served in various designations as maintenance engineer during the time of former Mayor Yayong Gementiza, as motorpool division head and then as industrial plant division head, and finally as city engineer succeeding Engr. Gilbert Mambulao during the three successive three terms of Uy. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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