She left Manila Pen’s VIP post to sell St. Peters

aug 31, 2013

“We’re the DeathCare Expert!” 

She left her executive post of a five star hotel in Manila to sell St. Peters. She’s not literally selling the holy saints but the secured St. Peter plans for the deceased –would-be.

It was not in the mind of Gerardine Marie Angeles-Duran, “Geri” to friends, that one day she would be selling memorial service plans.


She had then been rubbing elbows with tourists, rich and luxurious people when she was still working as one of the executives of the super-posh Peninsula Manila Hotel.

Now she rubs elbows not so much with the rich types but mostly with plain, common folks in all walks of life for whom St. Peter Life Plan, Incorporated has been capturing as its dominant market.

One fine morning three years ago, Geri inserted herself out of curiosity to people milling around in an office along a dowtown street in Davao City. The gathering was one orientation on St. Peter plans. There she got to know of great benefits and wonders of being covered with St. Peter’s memorial service packages. 

“I screamed to ask for application forms for me, for my parents and workers of our condotel, and in the afternoon I came back to submit our applications, and we’re all immediately covered,” Geri recalls.

She rushed racing for life’s eventuality of death by whatever cause and reason thinking big and practical that death will strike any time, at any place to anyone- without being covered by St. Peter plans. 

By her credentials, Geri was hired to the position as the regional manager of the St. Peter Life Plan, Inc. covering Southern Mindanao. After her stint in Manila Pen, she organized their family-owned Residencia Condotel at Matina, Davao City, and later worked as the city tourism officer of Davao City government.

Common folks and even professionals are gung-ho over St. Peter’s lowest St. Francis memorial package of paying only P22 per day or that’s P650 per month for 5 years. It has a reduced contract price of P34,200 instead of the total P39,000.

“If someone just started paying that P22 per month and suddenly he dies, the St. Francis plan is given, with elegant wooden casket, with full glass in split lid cover, elegant interiors, imported corners and handles, embalming service, 4 days of viewing in St. Peters Chapel or in any of our accredited mortuary chapels , spiritual bouquet and lighting, transportation, interment and other memorial services,” Geri informed.

“What’s good is that your coverage is transferrable or assignable to your loved one who dies or to any deceased third-person that the planholder wants to help. In our plan there’s a built-in additional cash benefit for accidental death or dismemberment and a money-back provision,” she added.

The money-back provision entitles a still living planholder to receive cash equivalent to 20 percent of the contract price to be paid each year beginning at the end of the 16th year until the end of the 20th year.

Moreover, a planholder who has completed paying the 5-year plan can avail of a loan, P9,000 for the first loan, with 1.6 percent interest only and payable in 6 months, with his St. Peter’s plan certificate made as collateral. 

St. Peter has also two other top-up plan types- St. Paul and St. John with contract prices of P50,000 and P110,000, respectively, targeted for its medium- and high-end markets. 

To date, St. Peter can serve all the towns and cities in Davao Region with the omniscient presence of St. Peter-accredited mortuary chapels and funeral parlors.

“Perhaps it’s still unknown that we’re are offering free memorial service for all deceased babies, aged 3 months old and below, and also for the retired priests who die, and we provide free caskets and free memorial services for them. Kasi kami po ang deathcare expert!” bared St. Peter regional manager Duran in an interview. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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