Biazon asking reshuffling plans of customs ports nationwide

aug. 13, 2013

By Cha Monforte, Rural Urban News

Bureau of Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon bared that he has already asked officials of customs ports nationwide to submit their respective reshuffling plans in his drive to carry out reforms in his agency that was earlier chastised no less than by President Aquino.

In his visit to BOC Port of Davao Thursday, he said that the reshuffling of officials in customs ports and sub-ports is continuing but this “has a process” including the observance of civil service laws.

“May konting adjustment tayo, and it does not mean guilty sila,” he said referring to those customs officials who have relinquished their posts and tendered courtesy resignations to heed his earlier directive.

He added that the gesture is otherwise seen as “an indicator of their support to the reforms’ program in customs.”

He said that the BOC Port of Davao officials were among the first to respond in supporting his reform measures to address the President’s State of the Nation Address’ particular concern on BOC .

In his visit, BOC-Davao officials distributed to members of the media a statement of support signed by 62 officials and employees led by OIC district collector lawyer Edward James Dy Buco.

Dy Buco in a press conference with Biazon said that with the aggressive reform drives of Commissioner Biazon “a new customs is born.”

He said that BOC-Davao’s stakeholders including the customs brokers dealing with the bureau has also pledged to support Biazon’s reform measures.

Biazon led BOC-Davao officials at Sasa wharf in opening five withheld reefer containers earlier declared to contain cake ingredients and pastries but found to contain onions, carrots and garlic from China.

The imported cargoes have a estimated value of P5 million and have a consignee identified as one Fathannah General Merchandise. The shipment was subject of an alert order of Dy Buco dated last July 26.

After the opening of the five containers as witnessed by the media, Biazon subsequently went to BOC-Davao’s Tibungco wharf to open one container declared to contain seven packages of used truck replacement parts but found to contain 6 units of Honda Fit vehicles with estimated total value of P2.2 million. Dy Buco’s alert order last August 2 identified the cargoes’ consignee as one DMA Enterprises. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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