aug 7-13, 2013

The winning of a Panabo councilor as president of Davao del Norte Philippine Councilors League to become its representative to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan is being seen as yet another signal of the reported gubernatorial bid of District 2 Congressman Anton F. Lagdameo for the 2016 elections. 

“Ginabraso na sa Distrito Dos ang Partido Liberal sa Distrito Uno, although makit-an nga kanang bataa interesado gyod sa pwesto,” quipped a top government official in Davao del Norte, referring to PCL election winner Councilor Janrey Gavina. The source asked Valley & City Chronicle that he be not named.
He opined that the lopsided PCL election results with sizable votes from District 1 councilors in favor to Gavina, who comes from District 2, signalled that Cong. Lagdameo is bent and determined to run for governor by 2013.
In the last July 30 election of PCL officers at Lakan Place Hotel, Gavina was reelected as PCL president, so overwhelmingly with 98 votes against the only 22 votes of Asuncion Councilor Joel Camello. Gavina will sit anew as PCL representative to the SP for the next three years.
Reports earlier said that Gavina was told by LP stalwarts to give way for a councilor from District 1 considering that he had already his term in the previous SP, but Gavina’s camp reportedly reasoned out that the current Sangguniang Kabataan provincial representative Eugene Katrina Estrada and provincial barangay association representative Alfredo “Pidot” Pagdilao come from District 1.
Governor Rodolfo del Rosario reportedly did not interfere in the last PCL election. A source, a councilor said, that the governor when called up by a mayor replied that the PCL choice would be up to the two congressmen to talk about, presumably his son Cong. Anthony del Rosario and Cong. Lagdameo.
Saturday before the PCL election on July 30, an undetermined number of councilors from District 2 were said to be meeting at Gambriel Resort in Panabo City with Cong. Lagdameo and Gavina, while on the night of July 29 Tagum City councilors were said to have met at Yuyu Cafe in Tagum City.
With Gavina’s winning the SP now appears to have added 1 vote more for the 4 votes of regular board members (BM) from the District 2’s ruling Kusog Baryohanon, a local political aggrupation supported by known political kingpin former Cong. Tonyboy Floirendo. It is less of the vote of Board Member Allan Dujali (Panabo City) who won as independent candidate in the last polls. But Dujali is allied with the camp of the Del Rosarios.
The LP ruling in the District 1 led by Gov. Del Rosario, on the other hand, has 4 regular BM votes, less of the one vote of independent Board Member Dr. Fred De Veyra.
Pagdilao, Magugpo south barangay captain, rose to become FABC representative by reason of natural succession of positions as two years ago then FABC president Vincent “Enteng” Floirendo resigned reportedly to go full-time executive in Tadeco business conglomerates. He was succeeded by his vice president, former Maniki barangay captain Maritess Royo Timbol who ran and won as now Kapalong vice mayor.
Pagdilao is more seen as political protege of former Tagum City Mayor Rey Uy.
On the other hand, young Estrada muscled her way to the top of the SK post through the strong backing of his father, former Kapalong Vice Mayor Romy “Mimi” Estrada, who lost to Timbol in the last May polls.
Recently, however, a new ex-officio member of the SP, indigenous representative Datu Victor Pandian, from Barangay New Balamban, Tagum City, was added apparently adding to the LP’s stock of votes.
It appears the District 1 LP has slight edge of 6 votes over the District 2 Kusog Baryohanon’s 5 votes while independent De Veyra’s vote can swing either to any of the two political forces and the FABC and SK provincial representatives would have to be chosen anew after the synchronized barangay and SK elections come October 28, 2013. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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