Rellon vows to use all powers to ensure harassment-free brgy elections

JULY 27-AUG 2, 2013

“Dakpon gyod ang mang harass, ug file-lan ug kaso

Tagum City Mayor Allan has vowed to use all legal powers and governmental resources at his command to ensure that the coming October barangay election would be free from all forms harassments to make it genuinely free where people have all the freedom to choose whom their leaders to put in village power.
“What I want to happen is to break the traditional elections in the city as I succeeded despite the vote buying, harassments and machinery. I call on all the coming candidates not to harass their rival candidates. I want nga naa gyoy freedom ang mga tawo, dakpon gyod ang mang-harass ug file-lan ug kaso (I want that people should have the freedom, and those who will harass should be arrested and prosecuted),” the mayor said in an interview Thursday late afternoon in his office.
He said he has already relayed this policy to barangay officials, city and provincial police, to the Comelec and all concerned for them to be aware, prepare and make tight operational plans at this early.
“Gusto nako na mahitabo (I want that to happen)”, he added, “kay ako na ang mayor karon so di na pwede ang harassment sa ako. Di ko gusto mahitabo ang nahitabo sa ako like what they did to me (I’m now the one in charge here. I don’t want to happen what they did to me),” Mayor Rellon said, apparently still nursing hurt feelings to what the barangay captains and officials who were opposing him in the last May elections.
He said in the last elections opposing barangay officials had made various blockades and harassments to puncture his candidacy and of his slate’s electoral bid like restricting to campaign, tearing down of campaign posters, hurling of verbal threats and insults to their lowly volunteers and others.
Last week, the mayor doubled the Comelec’s request for city government’s aid, from P300,000 to P600,000, to ensure a free and peaceful synchronized barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan elections on October 28, 2013.
In the last elections, Rellon had no barangay captain supporting him. They threw their support to Rellon’s rival in the administration party, ex-Councilor De Carlo Uy. Tagum City has 23 barangays. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte


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