Bureau of Customs Port of Davao is an exception, hehe

JULY 27-AUG 2, 2013

By Cha Monforte, Rural Urban News

The Bureau of Customs Port of Davao is different, an exception to what President scolded in his SONA last week. Lol!
In the midst of storm rocking the BoC mother ship in Manila, BoC-Davao OIC district collector lawyer Edward James Dybuco declared that the award the BoC Davao Port got from the City Council for more than surpassing their last year’s target showed that “there’s no smuggling here” in news from radio interview of Bombo Radyo heard Friday morning.
“But mere citation is not proof of it,” reacted a reader with lol (laughing out loud) expression when this news was posted in FB account, Ruffy Biazon SecondAcct around 10 AM Friday.
The BoC Davao’s performance was for last year only. The Davao City Council approved last February 26, 2013, Resolution No. 02426-13 commending BoC Port of Davao “for their extra-ordinary collection performance.”
The first rationale was that the Port of Davao collected P5.910 billion, which was ten percent over its assigned target collection of P5.378 billion.
And, that it has “consistently surpassed its assigned collection even as the entire Bureau of Customs and major ports in Metro Manila and other parts of the country failed to reach their target.”
Meanwhile, reports said that the X-Ray Inspection facility of BoC Davao has been questioned of its utility by some concerned quarters who alleged that banned cargoes such as ukay-ukay used clothings and surplus vehicles allegedly skipped through it unalerted as contrabands.
Dybuco denied that contrabands escaped unnoticed in their Xray facility considering that it has a capability of “zooming in, by 300 times.”
“It records all that passes through it, hindi yan pwede dayain, it stores all the photos (of X-rayed cargoes),” he added.
What Dybuco said on the banned surplus vehicles: “Nandyan na yan, dati na, baka matagal na yan, hindi pa nabenta, it’s mostly local.”
He also said that he saw no thriving ukay-ukay businesses thriving around, and dared concerned quarters to “execute affidavits and together we will launch a raid.”
“Yang x-ray mata pa rin sa tao ang final mag-decide. ano ba yang news sa boc sa davao? eh dito kaya sa cdo? (It’s still human eyes which finally decide what the cargo is. How’s that news in BoC Davao? What about here in CDO- Cagayan de Oro?)”, reader Vic Santa Maria shared to react Biazon’s post, “It’s easier to fight a war from an armchair than it is to fight it in the trenches.”
When this news was posted in Rappler towards noon Friday, reader Jimmy Abellanosa Badilla reacted, “uh eto…magagawa rin naman pala! Political will lang talaga yan. Ang dapat mamuno sa BOC ay yung MATAPANG hindi yung puro sumbong lang. Dapat kung hindi mo kaya, di ibigay sa iba na mas competent. Ganun lang ka simple yun. (Ridding BoC of corruption can be done. It takes a political will. Who should lead the BoC should be brave one. If BoC Commissioner Ruffy Biazon cannot do it, his position should be given to the competent, it’s simple as that.)
In Rappler’s page on the BoC issue, there were a lot of calls for the abolition of BoC.


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