AGR calls for customs bureau’s reorganization to rid culture of corruption

JULY 27-AUG 2, 2013

Davao del Norte Congressman Anthony del Rosario (1st District) called for reorganization of the Bureau of Customs (BoC) through passage of law to get rid its culture of corruption.
In phone interview with Bombo Radyo Davao Wednesday morning, the congressman recalled that during Monday’s SONA event many of his colleagues were caught by surprise when President Aquino strongly hit BoC.
“It shows however that the President is so serious in making reforms for the good of our country while he is already halfway of his term. He has 1,000 days more and it’s already too short for a time while he all wants changes to keep moving in the country. It seems his patience has snapped out and he means business,” Cong. Del Rosario said.
“We all know that one of the most corrupt agencies is the customs (bureau), so we need to reorganize that agency for accountability and transparency,” he said.
He added there is a need to prosecute corrupt BoC officials if evidences are found and “to prosecute people caught who are not following the agenda of reform of the President.”
Cong. Del Rosario said he heard about factions competing inside the bureau having different bosses, adding “there seem to be many bosses there while the commissioner has to accept the work in which he, pitifully, has no power to reorganize.”
But he said that he looked at the President’s scolding pitch against unnamed BoC officials as not particularly referring to BoC Commissioner Ruffy Biazon.
As to BoC Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim, Cong. Del Rosario said that it is certain that Lim saw many things happening in BoC and “he has information that he should disclose for the President and Congress to act.”
“Biazon and Lim should make a report to Trade Secretary Cesar Purisima on the goings-on in BoC and make recommendations to eradicate the culture of corruption there. There should be an investigation to determine the root of the problem,” he said.
Cong. Del Rosario added it is necessary that both the Senate and Congress should make an inquiry on the bureau stressing on the need to pass a law to reorganize it. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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