A First Lady presides

JULY 27-AUG 2, 2013

She is Vice Mayor Maria Theresa “Maritess” Royo Timbol, loving wife of Kapalong Mayor Edgardo Timbol.

Kapalong Vice Mayor Maritess Royo Timbol

Kapalong Vice Mayor Maritess Royo Timbol

“It’s been a long time and I can’t recall now the last time we had an argument,”she said referring to her mayor, her husband, her Gardo in an interview when asked about how sweet is their relationship.
The former Maniki barangay kapitana is now the town’s vice mayor . She was the only candidate contested in the entire administration’s slate by a solo rival, the former vice mayor. The rest of the slate had no opponent, not even nuisance one, in the last polls.
Before she slugged it out for her vice mayoral bid in the last election, Tess or “Vice” now, as fondly called by friends and constituents alike, had a stint as the provincial ABC representative to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan when she as the vice president next-in-line assumed the top post when former FABC president Vincent Floirendo resigned almost two years ago.
Now that she presides in a male-dominated council, with all of members under the administration party, she vows she will maintain and preserve their teamwork and good relationship.
But Kapalong’s First Lady sees exchange of ideas and even “lalis” (arguments) to each and among sanggunian members as normal which can be resolved through conference.
But she confides, “personally di ko ganahan anang mag lalis-lalis. We have to agree for the common good of the people.”
She finds that her being the presiding First Lady of the mayor gives a best advantage to the people of Kapalong as when the passage of the legislative agenda of the executive can be made fast and done easier.
“The plans and priorities of my mayor for the good of the people are known right from our house,” she says.
“I know him, he is transparent, what is black is black, what is white is white to him, when he suggests.”
For the mayor’s part, in separate interview, he said that the election of her wife as fhe vice mayor is the best thing that happened to Kapalong.
“Madali lang mapag-usapan what’s good for the LGU. Kabisado na niya ako and my program, projects and vision. What’s good for the people, that’s the bottomline.”
“Ang pagbigay ng proyekto para sa mga tao mas mapadali pa, as we talk about development everyday. Before she attends the session, she already knows my top priorities.”
On their more than 50 ages, the First Couple of Kapalong have already three married children – Ayet, Ayes and Ains, and still single Bogs, who is 20 years old. (Cha Monforte)


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