Cuntapay appointed as Tagum City’s peace and order consultant by Mayor Rellon

july 3, 2013

By Cha Monforte, Rural Urban News
New Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon has announced the appointment to his losing runningmate Cesar Cuntapay as the city’s peace and order consultant for “one peso a year” fee. 
Rellon announced this during his first appearance as a city mayor during the convocation and flag-raising ceremony of city hall officials and employees Tuesday, where for two hours he spoke outlining his visions and policies for the city hall and the city.
In his speech, Rellon underscored honesty, discipline, transparency and true service to the people.
A visibly surprised Cuntapay, in an interview, said he was humbled by the mayor’s appointment, adding he would be having a lot of work to do for the critical job given to him and to help ensure that Rellon would succeed in his first term of administration.
“I was ambushed by my mayor,” he said in gist, adding that the mayor’s appointment was a complete surprise to him as did not ask for it.
Cuntapay actively supported the mayoral bid of Rellon in the last polls although in the end he lost to now Vice Mayor Geterito Gementiza. 
“I have high respect and regards to Allan, and it’s only me who supported him but the people of Tagum,” he said. 
Cuntapay is a former police investigator and is known in Tagum City to be a businessman visibly supporting the fight against the taking over of the CDA group over Daneco. 
He volunteered his business spaces to be used as immediate, temporary offices and collection centers of Daneco-NEA group when the Tagum Tipaz office was held at bay by the CDA group and after the large of majority of Daneco-NEA employees broke away middle last year from what they described as the “illegitimate, illegal Daneco-CDA”. 
Cuntapay is also a vocal critic to the high tax rates imposed by the previous city administration. He is the president of the Landowners and Landusers Association of Tagum City and of the Multisectoral Consumers Council for Davao del Norte and Compostela Valley provinces.
Cuntapay is bred under the tutelage of strictly disciplinarian Ilocano parents. At young age, he was educated in an exclusive school for boys, and had studied in the seminary of St. Louis fathers from Belgium, before he became a barrister (graduate of Bachelor of Laws) and a policeman serving first Manila then to his home city of Tuguegarao.
His wife Evangeline Rojo Fernandez was his classmate in the College of Law of the MLQU (Manuel L. Quezon University. They met in the university and things turned out so sweet for them that ended in their marriage in 1979. Evangeline, or Belen as fondly called by friends, is a pure Tagumenya and a known heir lessor-businesswoman in the city.  
At the backdrop of Cesar Cuntapay is the heroic past of his great grandfather and his brothers who were a feature in a canvass of Philippine history. 
His great grandfather Don Pedro Cuntapay was the secretary in the drafting of the Malolos Constitution. 
Placido Cuntapay, the brother of Don Pedro, was a famous guerrilla who led the Gaddang Revolution opposing the Spanish authority and regulations being imposed to the populace. Placido received a decree from Queen Elizabeth II appointing him as the gobernadorcillo of the old region 2 but he later revolted against Spanish rule. 
After the successful Philippine Revolution, Francisco Cuntapay, another brother of Don Pedro, held the position as Jues da Pas (Justice of Peace) in the old region 2 consisting the present provinces of Cagayan, Isabela, Quirino, Kalinga Apayao, Ifugao and Batanes. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

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