OPINION: Xmas scribbles

dec. 27, 2012

By Cha Monforte

I spent my Christmas eve and do-day in desk. Indulged in net-babad while there are more foods around. Got to share those scribbles in here:

The cold December air from Siberia is being whipped up now by the tail-end, lost wind of typhoon Quinta. The last dawn mass is over. It must be that down there in stricken Comval and DavOr areas, tens of thousands of kins and relatives of the dead and missing are shivering from this cold and from the bitter pangs of off-and-on hunger, band-aided by relief ops.

It came to pass that the extent of damage and casualty wrought by the so vicious typhoon Pablo is beyond the efficacy of our combined resource, manpower and governmental responses now. It took years and and decades that we ravaged our forests, and solutions could never be made in days. But we recognize the urgent need for relief and retrieval. The former has sort of abundance now, the latter is scarce given the the gargantuan tasks, logistics and resources to scour the decomposed. We are still much on the stage of relief ops.

I must not say that I have that “prophetic” opinion years ago. Oh, that “Submerged Valley Theory”. Google it!. It was simple geo-technical-environmental projection for the valley. Those “de kahon” ultra leftist analysis of lambasting the big, corporate mining firms as one of the reasons of this misery is a jaded one aimed to propagandize the CPP-NPA-NDF ideology and muckrack the military. In Comval, we don’t have many big mining firms reigning. There’s only Crew Mining and those 2 or 3 in Pantukan are still on exploration stage. What reign are the endogenous small scale mining, whose growth is irreversible, sadly at the expense of our environment. We collectively bite the bullet as we now have an army of highly trained small miners scattered digging all over Comval’s hills and mountains. There’s still the Code of Omerta sealing the reported high casualties in Diwalwal, and the guerillas, military and our public officials, the DENR, etc are mum on this. After all many have shared from Diwalwal’s gold, and a government takeover of Minahang Bayan in Diwalwal is a no-no scenario.
Thanks for the warm we have this Christmas. Can’t yet sleep thinking of them- the typhoon Pablo survivors and affected. How are they now? Did they consume just on time for the celebration the noche buena packs given by Sec. Dinky last Thursday? Or they consumed in their next dining right fter the noche buena packs were given? Especially those who are gripped by this moment’s chilly winds and dense fog that mixed with the stench of unretrieved decomposed, and who could not move afar for lack of land and receiving relatives in lighted areas, the horror, the macabre situation of carcasses buried near somewhere, the threat of epidemic breakout in dark, howling valley of death and tears, made life so difficult and harsh for them. And this is Christmas. May those who shiver now have lighted small fires to keep themselves warm. May Santa be made true riding on his sleigh and shower them with foodstuffs, mineral waters, jackets, sweatshirts, and blankets. May our Most Benevolent Lord Jesus Christ cover them of his warm protective shield.
Just past midnight, somewhere in DC: The much-praised firecrackers’ ban in Davao City is a myth! At the strike of 12 midnight I heard sounds of exploding firecrackers-big and small- outta here in my neighborhood. The folks, the kids were cheering. No policeman in his right mind, body and heart foremost will patrol around just to watch out violators who simply wanted to meet the birthday of our Lord with a bang. After a short while, the about 10-15 minute explosion of firecrackers immediately stopped. The cops are surely also with their loved ones celebrating Christmas. Gee, nobody was hurt. Merry Christmas to each and everyone! (For reactions: e-mail: chamonforte@yahoo.com)

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