Why not finally divide Daneco into Daneco 1 and Daneco 2?


By Cha Monforte

 It’s good to hear that Congressman Anthony del Rosario is always shuttling back and forth, from Manila to his district, vice versa every week. He said during the Kapihan last Thursday that he’s been busy with his projects, one of which is electrification.  The downer side in his news is that the P30-million electrification fund he had accessed from the National Electrification Administration might not be released at all due to the persisting problem in Daneco. The Daneco problem- huhum, it’s breaking up into 2 managements, 2 OIC-GMs, 2 board of directors, 2 sets of employees, 2 collectors, etc  for 1 set of member-consumers- pesters and confuses the public, especially its owners- the dear member-consumers.  

I must confess to my dear readers that writing a news about Daneco these days is such a hard, difficult undertaking. An objective writer, journalist worth his salt, must swear and work to have balance in his presentation of the news. Sometimes though, because journalism is fast even if weekly, one can miss a point or two, or it depends on the newsworthiness of the press statements of the sources he quoted. That’s why a reader may sense that the writer is somehow bias to Daneco-NEA or Daneco-CDA. But that should not be the end of the story. After all, the Daneco problem is a long-running story.

Readers are advised that in this case, the worthiness of the press statements of the sources come as a good, largely unread material that needs ventilation or elucidation for the readers to appreciate how deep and big the Daneco problem is, so that the public, the Daneco member-consumers and  especially our elected public officials can be egged out to exert efforts, at least concern toward solving the Daneco problem ASAP. 

The problem now is that the Daneco problem has apparently turned violent as when men identified with the Daneco-CDA faction stormed last week the Daneco office in IGACOS held by Daneco-NEA faction resulting to the wounding a security guard of the latter and the filing of frustrated murder cases against some 7 suspects. It seems there’s no turning back anymore from this ugly war, this divisive tug-of-war between the Daneco-NEA and Daneco-CDA factions. While their court battles have been ongoing towards the Supreme Court after that Court of Appeals’ WPI (writ of preliminary injunction) to Daneco-CDA and subsequently, the suspension of CDA registration, the Daneco-CDA faction is still much on the hold and control of Daneco’s Tagum office at Tipaz as of press time.  

This quarter sees that it doesn’t mean that this Daneco problem can’t be solved out of the court. That is,  if parties would only be flexible than be legally combatant and especially if Daneco-CDA faction wouldn’t be so filibustering legal procedures even a sheriff’s execution of court order.  But both protagonists would seem to be legally obsessed! If that’s the case we can’t see an out-of-court settlement in the near horizon.

But this doesn’t mean that Malacanang can’t intervene even while parties are in court. I’ve read a case of an electric cooperative questioning the intervention of Malacanang to CDA’s favorable action to an EC (I just lose the thread in the internet and I’m in a hurry). To make the story short, they reached the Supreme Court, and the SC ruled that Malacanang can’t unmake what the CDA made for an EC. OMG, the Daneco-CDA can replicate this if in case new DOE Secretary Jericho Petilla comes up with a presidential directive to intervene and solve the Daneco problem, favoring Daneco-NEA, of course since he’s a DOE sec. The Daneco-CDA faction can buy more time, and hold at bay Daneco’s Tipaz office. But since the CDA had suspended Daneco’s CDA registration, their time bought can only be short (but who knows they can lengthen their stay given that they have the Tipaz collections to carry on a protracted legal fight).

I have this unsolicited proposal and this might be the shortest route towards solving the Daneco problem. Why not divide Daneco into 2 entities? Daneco 1 for Comval areas for the Daneco-NEA, and Daneco 2 for Davao del Norte areas for Daneco-CDA? The Daneco in IGACOS would be better sold to Aboitiz/Davao Light and the proceeds be would divided equally or proportionately between Daneco 1 and Daneco 1. How’s this proposal?

#Hash  & Tags: I forgot that the name of my Visayan column in tabloids is Tsa Pwera, so I’m having a new column name that is trendy…. Tagum City Councilor and vice mayoral aspirant Boyet Gementiza is having  jaded eye these days. Maybe  Councilor Mylene Baura is still on her topnotch ratings. But be wary that people who are already on the top have nowhere to go but go down…. Heard that Comval Boardmember Kristine Mae Caballero was penalized, politically. After his father, ex Gov. Joecab filed his CoC for boardmember for next year’s polls, her legislative staffers were not reappointed by outgoing Vice Gov. Ramil Gentugaya  for “loss of confidence”.  (For comments, email: chamonforte@yahoo.com)


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