Tagum Vice Mayor Rellon wants review of questioned RPT ordinance

Tagum City Vice Mayor Allan Rellon wants that the implementation of the controversial Real Property Tax (RPT) Ordinance enacted by the city council he is presently presiding would be put on hold for a while and be reviewed for revision by an executive-legislative body.
Rellon, who is seeking for mayor in next year’s polls, told reporters Wednesday that if he is successful in his bid the formula for the new RPT values in the controversial City Ordinance 558 should be thoroughly discussed and reviewed with the active participation of the vocal Association of Landowners and Land Users in Tagum City.
He said that multi-stakeholder efforts on the revison of the measure should lead to a win-win solution and should have acceptability to the affected sector.
The ordinance though is currently questioned at the Supreme Court by the said landowners’ association which has been opposing the measure since last year.
Rellon is however all praises to Mayor Rey Uy for all his accomplishments in the rapid development of Tagum City during his three terms.
He said he would certainly continue Mayor Uy’s good programs like the festivals if given the chance to be at the helm of the city hall.
What should be given special concern, he added, is the city’s peace and order in order that concerted efforts of all would be made to contain the problem on extrajudicial killings and shootings by motorcycle-riding criminals occuring in the city.
Rellon is running against independent candidate Atty. Paulito Suaybaguio, one of the top leaders of the landowners’ association, and against the mayor’s son Councilor Oyo Uy, who is the administration’s standard-bearer under the Liberal Party.
Atty. Suaybaguio earlier said that he was chiefly running to express objection to the ordinance he tagged as confiscatory and unconstitutional.
He said that the ordinance has excessively increased the RPT values in some commercial areas by up to 833 percent, making many landowners asked where they would get money to pay the high tax obligations.
Mayor Uy rebutted Suaybaguio’s criticisms saying that the measure only increased real property taxes by 20-30 percent in some commercial areas.
He charged that Suaybaguio just wanted to capitalize on the ordinance for his candidacy. He challenged the lawyer for a public debate on the measure.
The last-termer mayor is bowing out for a political forlough in not running for new post for his son to take charge, true to his earlier words of not running when there is no vacancy to a suited post he would like to run to such as the governor’s post.
Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario is unopposed in his last reelection bid for last term by next year’s polls. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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