OPINION: Doc De Veyra, the Underdog

By Cha Monforte

Curious and strange events do happen at this formal start of political season for the 2013 election. In Tagum City, the turnaround of Vice Mayor Allan Rellon has shaken the Liberal Party. But the bid of Rellon for mayor has long been thought by many. His running against the Councilor Oyo Uy for the city’s top post is a surprise- thought to eventually come.
The next surprise is when Rellon has reportedly allied with the force of businessman-landowner Cesar Cuntapay. Will the controversial real property (RPT) ordinance that was approved under the city council presided by Rellon become a rallying issue of the city opposition during the campaign?
How will Rellon handle this when his colleagues would make the RPT issue their punching bag? He can say, look, we’re only two in the opposition, I and Councilor Boyet Gementiza, deep inside I’m against it. Both Rellon and Oyo though pledged to campaign professionally, without the mudslinging, below-the-belt issues.
It was this RPT issue that Councilor Bong Aala managed to sneak into the city LP, Uy’s camp. He obviously endeared himself to the city administration when he attacked the provincial board to be dull (“bulok” in his word) for returning the RPT ordinance to the sending city council, not knowing that his mama is part of the board that he lambasted. Later, he clarified he was referring only to the members of committee which recommended for the return of the RPT ordinance to the sender.
It was the trade committee chaired by Dr. Fred de Veyra which first made the return- to-sender. They recommended and the entire SP nodded or was silent when the measure was passed in the plenary. That means that the return-to-sender move was a collegial act of the SP. Which means sldo that Councilor Aala did still include his mama in his tirade. During the 2010 polls, only Councilors Gementiza and Aala won from the opposition. Councilor Aala is bright. When he left Gementiza to be the sole opposition to the RPT measure, now he is riding in the admin’s boat (not going to Japan) and he can handily win in the coming election.
As to Boardmember Doc de Veyra now, he filed alone as independent candidate, not for LP, not for the Kusog Baryohanon. He was double-crossed by both. Now Doc de Veyra is seen as the Underdog. Don’t count Doc de Veyra just yet, just because he is an independent waging for his reelection. He won in 2010 polls without actually much backing from Tadeco, nay Floirendos. He was the only one who came from Lakas to join with the winning 4 LP boardmembers. Tingnan natin!

It’s only in Nabunturan that an incumbent first-termer vice mayor, who was a consistent topnotcher councilor did slide down to run for councilor. Vice Mayor Darwin Tan gave his post to Councilor Mario Angelo Sotto, who would now be the 2013 runningmate of reelectionist Mayor Romeo Clarin. Sotto, a neophyte councilor but a bigtime miner, is reported to have raided ward leaders and barangay captains in town with his cash (from gold) doleouts. Obviously, there was arm-twisting made by Uswag Comval bigwigs.
Fresh report we heard is that Councilor Boyet Gementiza filed his COC for vice mayor in tandem with Atty. Paul Suaybaguio, who is running for city mayor. So there’s three-corner mayoral and vice mayoral fight in Tagum City. What a democracy in the capital city of DavNor!… As to the capital town of Comval, there’s an incoming electoral monotony in Nabunturan. Without a rival, Mayor Clarin has to better stump out the worsening problem of shabu drug addiction among his town youths, bar girls and women, as well the problems of loose firearms, shootings and killings in his town …Outgoing Monkayo Mayor Manuel “Jun-Jun” Brillantes slide down to run for vice mayor, like outgoing Comval Vice Governor Ramil Gentugaya for boardmember for next year’s election…. Can Montevista Councilor Jojo Jaoud, who is running for newcomer boardmember in District 1 Comval, trash the over 44,000 votes of controversial ex-police officer Cesar Mancao in the last polls when he was defeated by Congw. Maricar Zamora, who got over 66,000 votes? Mancao is now gunning for boardmember . What about for reelectionist BMs Neri Barte and Paul Galicia vis-à-vis Mancao?
Nabunturan’s 61st fiesta was peacefully and merrily celebrated last Wednesday. Like any other barrio or parochial fiesta in this part of the country, Nabunturan fiesta is marked of joyous dining, drinking, merrymaking and festivity. In good times and bad times, Nabunturanons are known to celebrate their fiesta with much food, booze and funfare. Those who have prepared for the yearly feast, their tables would surely have abundance of delectable dishes for hearty meals and yum-yum tummy-filling of fiesta goers. Of course, the fiesta is never complete without the lechon. I must say I missed these-oh the cold beers with lots of pulutans and friends with all their pakatoks- last Wednesday as I was outside of my hometown’s embrace. (For comments, e-mail: chamonforte@yahoo.com)

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