provincial buzz: JO is the Capitol’s Jackal

april 23-29, 2012

If there is someone who can best destroy the name and reputation of a politician, it is he -who is the bodyguard or the worker under him. Take a concrete example this long-chinned JO worker of a neophyte politician in Davao del Norte who comes from a so elite family  and who is being trained on the ABC of politics for him to go to a high post after his present post. The JO is the Jackal of this known princely politician, who is being much talked about nowadays about his incoming high post, and this JO keeps on broadening his appeal to his boss (sige’g palakas, pahaba sa iyang amo) that he has been secretly knocking off clients and supporters of his boss by the JO’s manipulations, machinations,  positioning and belittling of clients behind curtains. This Jackal ought to be sacked and ASAP by the Boss before he completely destroys him.- Al Rosero


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