In fairness to Baby S

april 23-29, 2012
By Cha Monforte

Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario and the District 1 mayors after all seem to want political accomodation as a formula of seeking political unity and reconciliation with the Floirendos in the coming polls. In short, each political kingpin, the governor and TADECO- represented in live soul by ex-Cong. Tony Boy Floirendo- would have to smoke the peace pipe and mind each other’s political choices and affairs in their respective district, their turf.
We’ll translate this District 1 consensus now, and this would mean that first in the boardmembers’ level- District 2 BM Alan Dujali, who won independent and supported by the governor in the last polls, would have to be given to Tony Boy, and in like manner – District 1 BM Dr. Fred De Veyra, who won on the same plight with Dujali – independent and supported by Tony Boy- would have to be given to Gov. Del Rosario. Watta swap!
But there’s a hitch: reelectionist BMs Joey Millan, Vicente Eliot and even Dr. De Veyra are being asked by Mayor Rey Uy to slide down running for city councilors in the next polls  to give way to the last termers in the city council. No agreement yet on this score.
Moreover, LP winners in District 2 like Sto. Tomas Vice Mayor Daniel Batosalem Jr and BE Dujali Vice Mayor Samuel Pacres would be integrated to the administration or the administration-anointed (Floirendo camp) parties. That cannot be in Sto. Tomas as VM Batosalem is girding to run vs. Councilor Joel Bayanay or Batosalem will be giving way to Fr. Em-Em Luego in case he runs again for mayor as Bayanay is no match to the priest. But that can be in BE Dujali for VM Pacres. Just citing you a few in the lots of alignments and realigments of forces as effects and results of this sought non-confrontational politics to play in the 2013 polls. Many things can be messy comes the time before the filing of CoC this coming Oct. 1 to 5.
Davao del Norte Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio Jr has been a good soldier to Gov. RDR. VG  Baby has also been a close friend of the Floirendos- to Don Antonio Sr, to ex-Cong. and now Tadeco’s top honcho Tonyboy, to Madam Nenita, to the Floirendo elder scions (Ricky and others). Don Antonio was indeed a kingpin par excellence when he supported Baby when he ran and won for the post of a  municipal councilor of Tagum in 1980. The Tadeco patriarch has long known of the Suaybaguios – Baby and his father as Tagum’s  successful businessmen and contractors in the 70s to 80s. VG Baby  is a close friend of Tonyboy. Yep, those good old days when Baby served as the Tagum City mayor for three terms, while Tonyboy served as the FABC rep and boardmember, and then as congressman for three terms. In similar timeline, Baby and Tonyboy had been together in serving long for the development of the province. He maintains his high regard to District 1 Cong. Anton Lagdameo. Baby S therefore is not an enemy of the Floirendos. For this quarter, he is much loyal soldier also of the Floirendos. Baby can’t be a pushover to his current position. But there is this best scenario of making AGR as the next gov and now FABC rep Vincent “Enteng” Floirendo, the youngest of the Floirendo scions becoming the next vice gov, while Baby gets the District 1 congressional post, that has been much elusive to him (for 3 times he had been offered of that post in the past). Baby is old now- 71. We’ll give Baby the chance to become our next District 2 congressman. Well, this is kinda a good political scenario to reckon with.


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