“I have more right to equity of the incumbent” – Dr. De Veyra

april 23-29, 2012

Despite being not yet a Liberal Party member, Davao del Norte Boardmember Dr. Fred De Veyra is asserting that he has more right to claim for the equity of the incumbent than those last-termer city councilors who are being pushed to run for boardmember.
In an interview with the V&C Chronicle, he said that that he has already applied for membership in the province’s Liberal Party led by Governor Rodolfo del Rosario and he was more than optimistic that his application would be favorably supported by the governor.
“It’s they who have no equity of the incumbent. They are not incumbents. I am,” Dr. De Veyra said when asked to comment for those last-termer city councilors prodded to run for boardmember’s posts.
He said that he would not go back to become city councilor as he had already been with that post and that his services are more needed in the district than in the city.
The boardmember has been known and popular with his affordable if not free eyeglasses and eyecare, optalmology services.
Boardmember De Veyra resigned as member of the Lakas-Kampi-CMD January this year in his bid of joining the LP, which is strong in District 1.
De Veyra was the lone Lakas-Kampi-CMD candidate who won in  District 1 in the last 2010 polls, joining the four LP winners- Senior Boardmember Shirley Aala and Boardmembers Antonio Lagunzad, Vicente “Enting” Eliot and Joey Millan. De Veyra was the last in the list of winners.
The Lakas-Kampi-CMD coalition in the province in the last polls was led by District 2 Cong. Anton Lagdameo from the influential Floirendos of Tadeco.
Reports said that Cong. Lagdameo is now said to be with the National Unity Party (NUP) after severing his membership from Lakas-Kampi-CMD.  (cha monforte)

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