BM Eliot doesn’t want to go back to city council

april 23-29, 2012

Boardmember Vicente Eliot is asking profuse understanding: he is seeking reelection “kay bag-o pa gud ta nagsugod dire (we’ve just have our first term here).
In an interview in his legislative office at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan building at Mankilam, he was tough to add: those last-termers in the city council “nga maayong mga lake” would be better off if “standby sa sila”.
But he was quick to add, “depende gihapon na sa ilang maabtan nga desisyon o mopahuway sa sila”.
Boardmember Eliot recalled that that when he made his crack at the boardmember’s seat in the last elections just nobody had helped him, “wa may mitabang nako” in obvious reference to political godfathers.
Prior the 2010 elections Eliot filed his candidacy without being egged out or first helped by a political kingpin, but political fate smiled at him when the ex-mayors and then Boardmembers Jose Recarido Federiso and Leopoldo Monteroso Sr were lured back  for mayoralty comeback bid in their respective towns of New Corella and Asuncion, leaving their boardmember’s slots under the Liberal Party vacant. The slots were later filled up by Eliot and now Boardmember Raymond Joey Millan, who were both then graduating from their third and last term.
That time the LP in Davao del Norte was started to be led by Gov. Rodolfo “RDR” del Rosario in alliance with District 1 incumbent mayors including influential Tagum City Mayor Rey Uy. It was now first-termer Cong. Anthony del Rosario popularly aka AGR who started the LP dominance when he made public his first admiration and support to then incoming Presidential candidate PNoy Aquino III. AGR’s father governor RDR followed suit or was cornered by the political preemption of his son.
Currently, the city council has four last-termer councilors: Joedel Caasi, who earlier said he would take a political rest, Mylene Baura, who is always bruited to be Oyo’s vice mayoral tandem, and Raymond “Tete” So, a vice mayoral/boardmember wannabe.
Earlier, Millan also quivered and had his feathers ruffled over the proposal for him to go back running for city councilor.
The sticky positions of the two boardmembers is giving problem to the political accomodation of personalities in the province’s Liberal Party led by Gov. Del Rosario.
Earlier reports said that the positions of Eliot and Millan including the one held by LP-applicant Dr. Fred De Veyra were reportedly asked by Mayor Uy for the outgoing last-termer Vice Mayor Allan Rellon, So and possibly for Baura to vie for so as to maintain peace in the alignments of the local Liberal parties and avoid fractiousness in the city slate in case Rellon and So would run for mayor and vice mayor, respectively, either in tandem to each other or separately – either in different party or as independent candidate.
But other observers said that Mayor Uy would be better off in various scenarios of alignments and realignments affecting the Liberal Party if he would just leave Rellon and So to paddle for their own canoes.
At press time, the mayor is reportedly to have still no choice for the city vice mayor, triggering speculations that he might run for the post though he repeatedly said in the past that he would go for a term of political forlough to enjoy as plain civilian and to plant more trees for livelihood and for the environment. He also said he would not run for governor if RDR would seek reelection for last term by 2013 polls.
Gov. RDR lately said that he would seek reelection with his Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio Jr. (cha monforte)


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