Aldo won’t seek reelection, to go full-time in business with foreigner

april 23-29, 2012
Eyebrows of BM Duco raised over news

What now when the only non-Lakas, non-Tadeco-backed candidate who managed to win the 2010 election as boardmember in District 2 will not seek reelection by 2013?
Boardmember Alan “Aldo” Dujali confirmed he would no longer be seeking reelection in an interview Wednesday before the provincial board went into session.
“OK na ko aning kahimtang nga yanong lumulupyo ra gud,” he quipped.
He reasoned out though that he was deciding not to run for public office anymore as he met a foreigner who would partner with him in investing in cavendish banana production. “Gamay ra gud nga partner nga foreigner.”
The boardmember has been known to be the manager of a banana business venture of Governor Rodolfo del Rosario.
He has reportedly more than 500 banana workers under his payroll.
The governor’s split from Tadeco owing to the past political conflict with Floirendos in 2007 elections had accordingly resulted to Del Rosario’s separate investing on banana production and growership in the province.
Sources said that Del Rosario’s banana firm is into financing and tie-up contracts with small and medium banana growers in the province.
It is a public knowledge that the governor knows too much on the banana industry and on how he can profit from it being then a long-time manager and right-hand man of Don Antonio Floirendo Sr, owner of the mammoth TADECO, Southeast Asia’s largest exporter of cavendish banana.
Wikipedia states that TADECO has a banana plantation covering least 6,900 hectares, and in undetermined thousands of hectares rented from the lands of DAPECOL (Dept. of Justice). It is greater than the 6,435-hectare Hacienda Luisita in Tarlac owned by the family of President PNoy. The hacienda is much devoted in sugarcane production. It has been targeted by the Corona-led Supreme Court for land reform distribution, which has implications to TADECO.
Aldo’s news though raised so many eyebrows. Asked to comment on the announcement of Boardmember Dujali, Boardmember Hernanie Duco said that it was his first time to hear of the news through this paper as he had never heard it before in political talks in official and unofficial gatherings in the province. (cha monforte)

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