9 brand new Strada GLX at P1 M each for all Comval BMs except 1

april 23-29, 2012

Last Wednesday, April 18 could be the happiest moment in the life of the nine regular Compostela Valley boardmembers at the Capitol as their brand-new Strada GLX, reportedly worth a little over P1 million each, arrived at the Capitol grounds and each of them was given a vehicle’s key.
Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy reportedly joined with the boardmembers and the Vice Gov. Ramil Gentugaya in their usual Wednesday’s sumptuous lunch at the latter’s office before the 1:00 PM session.
But one regular boardmember- Heracleo Codilla aka Manoy Simeon of Monkayo had only to scratch his head and envy his colleagues who had been “Pey-ard” and “Em-ard” (for Purchase Request and Memorandum Receipt) of the cozy, shining pick-up vehicle by the governor ostensibly for their political loyalty.
The pick-up vehicle, bought from Car Asia Tagum branch, comes in silver and black colors, with the District 2 boardmembers except Boardmember Cesar Richa selecting the silver color.
From Day 1, Codilla has been reportedly making recalcitrant harangues and almost lonely opposition and filibustering to the legislative agenda and executive budgets of the governor.
Codilla was an independent candidate who made a successful crack through to the well-oiled administration’s Uswag Comval boardmembers’ slate in the last 2010 polls by winning as Top 5 via riding on name recall and village popularity built up by his younger brother and now Monkayo Councilor Armando “Boy”Codilla who was then in that polls graduating from his last term as boardmember and running as councilor.
The current Boardmember Codilla has been engaging in verbal quarrels in the sessions with anyone whom he disliked like the ruggedly loquacious Boardmember Neri Barte of Compostela.
On that Day 1, during the maiden session of their present term of office, in first episode of verbal wrangling over procedures, Boardmember Codilla reportedly asked Barte to bow down to him as he was the trainor and he (Barte) was just his “student” (trainee) in one of the seminars that Dept. of Interior and Local Government conducted for the government officials and employees. Codilla said he was a former DILG officer, while at that time Barte was a town councilor.
In that first session, Barte reportedly answered back that he never had seen Mang Simeon’s face in DILG trainings he attended nor could he recall that he was under Codilla even in one training.
Barte asked Boardmember Richa, a former Maco mayor, if he could recall Codilla as a DILG trainor as they both attended many DILG trainings. Richa supported Barte attesting that he too had not seen Codilla as a DILG trainor.
Sources said that Codilla had also threw his loose cannon balls to Boardmember Ruwel Peter Gonzaga besides to Barte and Richa when in one session he made a longest privilege speech “making exposes against the three ” based on his prepared 30-page speech.
Had Codilla not prevailed upon by the three lady boardmembers – Kristine Mae Caballero of Pantukan, FABC representative Fely Navarro and PCL representative Josielyn Romano- who approached him at the rostrum while he had already a length of his long privilege speech, he could have consumed 2 hours of the session time. (cha monforte)

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