Way Kurat bares 2006 “change court” secret deal with Pros

Oct 13-19, 2011

Says he’ll give guv post to Bobong by 2016

At this early Compostela Valley politicians have been apprised already by one with faraway political plans and projections.

Former Comval District 1 Congressman Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora has bared to the media his secret “change court” agreement in late 2006 with the late legendary politician Prospero Amatong that would have him respect it by 2016 if he gets elected as vice governor  by 2013.

“Akong gitamod tong among sabot nga mag change court by 2016,” he said in a chance interview inside Daneco Tagum office recently.

The “change court” the former congressman meant is that by 2016 when  Governor Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy would already graduate his last term, the governor would swap post with District 2 Cong. Rommel “Bobong” Amatong and Zamora, if gets elected as vice governor by 2013, would bow out to or would not contest Amatong for governor by 2016.

To pay respect to the said agreement, Zamora said he might instead return to run for congressman in District 1, while her daughter Cong. Maricar Zamora-Apsay would run for vice governor in what appears to be another “change court” scheme.

He bared that the one-on-one agreement between him and the late political kingpin took place in October 2006 at the posh Shangrila Hotel in Manila hours after top political leaders met to agree on who should run for governor, vice governor and for the two congressmen in the province to battle against the group of entrenched Gov. Jose Caballero by 2007 polls.

It was on that meeting that the late kingpin Amatong nodded for the Uy-Gentugaya tandem and when the Uswag Comval group had its beginning, Zamora recalled.

He added that their agreement only mattered by 2016 and “beyond 2019” there is no more word to heed to.

He also said that he already bared his intention to run for vice governor by 2013 to the governor at the latter’s office in Capitol at Cabidianan, Nabunturan “four months ago.”

He said that it is a choice between him and others like Boardmember Ruwel Peter Gonzaga, whom one report said had been already the anointed one.

But Way Kurat said, “wala pa, di pa siya ang anointed” saying that in his recent talk with the governor he was informed that the Uswag Comval provincial political aggrupation would choose whoever is the most strong and winnable vice gubernatorial candidate.

Zamora said that choice would depend on the provincewide survey to be conducted by the governor close before the 2013 polls.

Zamora’s statement appears at this early to quash running speculations that Cong. Amatong would be politically poorer by 2016 as he would have no top post to run to after graduating his last term on the scenario that a Vice Governor Zamora might make a blockade to Amatong’s gubernatorial bid by 2016. Amatong now is still on his second term.

Asked if the governor can run for congressman considering the issue on his citizenship, Zamora said that there is already a precedent on that confirmed by the Supreme Court which “can have the governor run for Congress.”

Vice Gov. Ramil Gentugaya is currently serving his last term and Zamora said that the vice governor might run for a boardmember’s seat as there is a vacant slot owing to the winning of Boardmember Heracleo Codilla, a political stranger of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan which is packed with Uswag Comval members except Codilla and  Boardmember Kristine Mae Caballero.

The same Codilla was not included in the recent oathtaking of Uswag Comval leaders led by the governor as new members of the Liberal Party at Manila. Caballero joined the LP.

In the last election, the Uy-led Uswag Comval group bolted from the Arroyo administration’s Lakas-Kampi-CMD Party and turned independent in supporting instead the presidential bid of Manny Villar. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)



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