Millan is the cause of delay- Eliot

Oct 20-26, 2011
(Tuesday) – Davao del Norte Boardmember Vicente “Enting” Eliot Sr has turned the table to Boardmember Raymond Joey Millan who he said as to be the one who dilly-dallied in his legal committee’s report, the reason that the former incurred a “lapse” to the 30-day reglamentary period for the provincial board to confirm or return to the sender the resolution or ordinance already approved by the city or municipal sanggunian.
Yesterday, Millan during the privilege hour suddenly charged that Eliot had already made a “lapse” in not acting to submit to the Sangguniang Panlalawigan the Tagum City’s CCTV Ordinance (No. 461), thus automatically making it approved in the process.
In his privilege speech, Millan in evidently indirectly attacking the person of Eliot cited a legal qoute, “ignorance of law excuses no one.”
In an interview, Eliot,chairman of the SP’s committee on trade, commerce and industry,  said that there could have been no lapse committed had Millan not dragged his foot in submitting his legal committee’s report comments and recommendations.
Eliot added that he found it surprising that Millan singled him out when other SP members such as Boardmembers Janet Gavina and PCL representative Janrey Gavina had also committed lapses in the respective measures they handled before.
But Eliot said that the questioning of Millan was “a retaliation” when he earlier raised the issue of Millan’s getting of an excess  job order personnel as his bodyguard.
Of the 13 boardmembers, only Millan and Boardmember Antonio Lagunzad have one excess job order personnel made as a boardmember’s bodyguard. In the legislative department,  each boardmember has normally a four-man staff: a driver and three staffers.
It was learned though that the additional personnel of Millan and Lagunzad are funded by the governor’s office.
Capitol sources said that Millan might have requested earlier Governor Rodolfo del Rosario an excess JO personnel for his bodyguard considering the dangers and threats owing to his profession being also a lawyer apart from being a politician.
But other boardmembers were demanding that they also be given the same privilege, sources said.
Asked on the Millan’s cue about ignorance of law, Eliot said that it pained him to hear those words uttered by a colleague and a partymate, “but it’s his right to express it.”
“I just prayed to the Lord that all those lapses can still be handled so our province could have more progress,” Eliot added.
As there would be no session on Monday due to All Saints Day celebration, it was learned that tomorrow, Wednesday the SP would have also a special session “to prevent lapses”. In the morning, Eliot would have a committee meeting with Millan’s committee and with the presence of proponent city councilors.
The city’s CCTV Ordinance has a provision  of requiring every business establishment having a capitalization of at least P3 million to install a Closed Circuit TV facility in their business premises to preempt and counter thief, burglary, robbery and other crimes.  (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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