Mawab LGU’s new firetruck “lacks accessories”

Oct 13-19, 2011

Prices of 3 equipment known
Grader- P9.95 M Firetruck-P3.20 M Water tanker-P4.45 M

The six-wheeler firetruck that was recently bought by Mawab Mayor Evalina Jampayas along with the grader and fire tanker is said to be lacking of needed accessories such as the noozle and others making it to be “unfit for firefighting”.

Sources of the Valley and City Chronicle have said that because of the lacking accessories of the firetruck, “it is useless as of now unless the needed accessories come.”

The same sources, who requested not to be named, charged, “what is the use of the fire tanker- is it a back up water supply container for the firetruck or an equipment for delivery of potable water?”
Mayor Jampayas was not around in her office when this paper sought her for comment.
However, municipal administrator-designate and municipal budget officer Nelma Flores was in her office.

When asked of the prices of the three equipment, Flores refused to bare, saying: “wala na sa akoa ang mga papers, tua na sa treasurer ug accounting.”
She talked on the procurement processes of the municipal government that started with the bidding to payment, which she said is already under the responsibility of the municipal treasurer and municipal accountant.

She added that in the procurement of the three equipment, the first bidding failed as “there was no bidder.”

In the second bidding “there was only one bidder,”Flores said.

But in a purchase order (PO) obtained by the Valley & City Chronicle, it stated that the grader has the highest price as it is worth P9,957,620 while the water tanker is worth  P4,450,000 and the firetruck is worth P3,200,000.

In the said PO the specifications of the grader were not stated although Flores earlier said that it is a brand new one.

The firetruck has the following specifications: “remanufactured six-wheeler Isuzu forward firetruck, Isuzu FRR12DA, Chassis Series 6BG1”.

The water tanker has: “remanufactured, 8-wheeler multipurpose water tanker/firetruck, Isuzu CXG23M, Chassis Series, 6SD+.

The PO was served last May 24.

The transaction has purchase request (PR) No. 2011-03-005.

The same PO stated that the winning bidder and supplier of the three equipment is JVF Commercial & Project Development Support.

In one online search of this paper on JVF firm, a site,, said that it was established on February 29, 1996 with main office in Quezon City in Metro Manila.

The site stated that JVF firm has a branch along MacArthur Highway Matina, Davao City.
The firm appears to be specializing in selling and servicing construction equipment although the site listed that it is engaged in diagnosis and repair of hydraulic system, mechatronics (machine computer and electronic components), powertrain and other specialized components, engine overhauling, complete rehabilitation and on-site repairs.

The same online site does not state JVF firm is selling firetrucks and water tankers. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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