COMMENTARY: The Vice Governor’s post

oct 27-Nov 2, 2011

Davao del Norte Vice Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio Jr is certainly no pushover in the political arena of Davao Del Norte. That there’s now a talk about someone wanting to take the place of the vice governor by 2013 despite that he has still one term for reelection is cheap talk knowing that there’s still a lot of political scenarios that will develop in the next months to come.

Maybe, Davao del Norte politics now is just infected by the start-up political heat that fumes up when the post of last-termer Vice Governor Ramil Gentugaya is being targetted by many interested political leaders in Compostela Valley. There’s former Congressman Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora waiting on the wings.

Fact is, the present Comval vice governor is seen to be facing a pitiful political plight (and the saddest he would be seen by if he runs for boardmember by 2013 after completing his three terms) because he has no more other top posts to run to except the posts of the governor and of the congresman or of Congreswoman Maricar Zamora-Apsay for that matter. Unfortunately, there’s no vacancy in these posts by 2013. That’s different to this: Earlier, Davao del Norte District 2 Boardmember Ely Dacalus  swore to high heavens that he would never go back running for councilor in Panabo as it would have him seen as to be having no other option than to continue making a livelihood out from being elected for a public office. At least, that’s amor propio.

However, this doesn’t ring true for Vice Gov. Gentugaya as he comes from a rich business gentry, and therefore his reported plan to slide down to a lower post is never for employment/ livelihood purposes but for sustenance of his political circulation. That’s what has been egged out by the political merons near to the Comval vice governor. They have been giving him unsolicited (ill) advices.

It’s already a feat of Vice Gov. Gentugaya that he ended up his third term after a series, backtracking to the earliest series starting when he became the SK federation representative to the provincial board. Pushing him to run for boardmember is obviously a bad advice if he wants to project a high-ending, shining political image after his historic saga of being elected starting from the SK. We heard that among     Comval boardmembers, it was often Boardmember Neri Barte who at this early egged out the idea of the vice gov running for the lower position of the boardmember.

As to Davao del Norte Vice Gov. Suaybaguio, he has still one term more to complete and for sure the ruling Liberal Party in the province knows the ultimate rule of the equity of the incumbent, and hence, nobody could replace him in the slate before the 2013 political season until the party cracks up wide and crashes down to smithereens because of new political configurations.  It’s pretty an ugly sight to the political veterans when all formidable leaders including the vice gov fight it out against each other when cost-wise they could just maintain the status quo in the alliance, by the rule of the incumbents’ equity and by reasoned negotiations than by surprising realignments than would only engender more costs and expenses for electoral winning. It’s pretty dignified, too, to stick to the party rules than to blood rules, similar to that foreseen dignified political forlough of the vice gov of Comval.


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