COMMENTARY: The admission

April 14-20, 2011

Though the peace and order situation of the premier Tagum City remains “normal and under manageable level” implications were raised from the briefing report recently made the city police force to the City Council.
First, it’s an honest admission on the part of the city police that there is a “notable increase of crimes involving the use of firearms, street crimes and those perpetrated by motorcycle-riding criminals (which) has become an alarming public safety concern”.
During last Monday’ssession of the Sangguniang Panglungsod, senior police inspector (PSI) Jimmy Palomar, deputy chief of Tagum City PNP, said: “This situation is further aggravated by apparent lack of police visibility on the street especially in crime-prone areas and the accomodating attitude of some PNP members in the performance of their duties.”
Palomar’s last statement gives shivering thoughts on the matter of “some” police officers who have already “accomodating attitude.” But for which or for whom? Did PSI Palomar posit that some accomodating police have been already resigning from their duties of addressing the continuing incidents of crimes perpertrated by motorcycle-riding criminals? But he predicated performance of duties in his subject, “accomodating attitude of some PNP members.” So this accomodating attitude is most probably put in the context of the multiple roles of the policemen as peacekeeping and law-enforcing members of the community paid by people’s taxes to protect and preserve peace and order.
The city police assessment on the lack of high police visibility isn’t surprising knowing the usual problem of lack of police personnel that pinches not only the city but all areas throughout the country. There’s this high police-to-population ratio pinching the country that our lawmakers now want to control our high population growth through the controversial reproductive health (RH) bill as the ultimate solution to various social maladies. The lack of police personnel against a vast population to protect can be offset through in the drawing up of good operational procedures and its operationalization by a lean but logistically endowed, highly skilled, highly motivated, swift police force, that is supported by and has close rapport with the community it is serving.
So the Tagum PNP’s Police Integrated Patrol Plan System (PIPS), which prescribes operational guidelines and procedures to enhance crime prevention and solution, is best hoped for to offset this lack of police personnel especially in the light of the rash and increases of crimes perpetrated with the use of firearms and by motorcycle-riding criminals, that has already become “an alarming public safety concern.”
In their PIPS the city police force will conduct of high police visibility (foot and mobile patrol), anti-criminality and police security operations-checkpoint/chokepoint operations, Oplan Bakal/Sita, saturation drives, K-9 panelling and other police interventions.
And now we continue to hope for this as practical interventions as the crimes perpetrated by motorcycle-riding criminals remains to be stumped out- to the continuing fear for the safety of the public. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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