COMMENTARY: Period of irritations

March 24-30,2011

Always we sense two persons we know of to be near to each other to be no longer in good terms when they cannot talk to each other in straight faces. Or they cannot see eye to eye. Both would either backbite each other, or stab each other’s back especially when one fails, then the other would up the ante to wallow in personal rejoice. We sense that in our near provinces this has been happening already to between and among political friends.
In various political grooves, we hear of one mayor secretly telling his close circles of political associates how bad his vice mayor fared when the latter savored his own political limelight as once a mayor. He backbites his vice mayor for making little intrusion to the executive budget, saying that the former mayor, who’s now the vice mayor, is doing sort of clever obstructionism in the sanggunian because he’s planning to stage a comeback and fight with him in the next election. And in another political backyard, there’s another vice mayor, who was also once the mayor, also backbiting his mayor, who’s the former vice mayor, for all his luckluster performance in running the affairs of the munisipyo. We’ve just heard of one vice mayor suspected and later exculpated from the case about the murder of the mayor’s brother in law, and we’ve heard of another vice mayor doing his libreng tuli operations, rivalling to the running free circumcision services of his mayor.
But while mutual backbiting and sniping at one’s leadership of top incumbents has been going on, the political sphere continues to spin that during public occasions where there’s a crowd of electorate, irritated political friends feign to be civil showing that they are in good, cordial talking terms, while that’s only for a show before their audience.
There seems to be an abnormally rising up of a tide of what we call as period of irritations emerging out in a caged political alliances before the open positioning in the 2013 run up period- before the forming of electoral slates by the incumbents and reelectionists in our provinces. Irritations between two close elected officials are generated when one looks down the other or one’s subalterns manipulate and engage in machination and subterfuge to the leadership of the other, and the one leading the reins of power make cover up to the excesses of his trusted subalterns or he relies hook, line and sinker on filtered information relayed by subalterns, without him realizing that in the view of the outsiders especially political pundits this last already constitutes abdication of his leadership and mandated duty. It is most painful to the one who is hit, it is most unjust to the one who keeps his suffering in silence when he learns or feels that he has been the object of such subterfuge and cover up. But like a jolted snake in the bush, the one who is hit and who suffers would recoil and fight back in his own rules and timing that they who snipe and scheme at him wouldn’t know what hit them back later.
This period of irritations characterized by mutual backbiting, backstabbing and sniping has always a cause and motive, always a personal one. And yet it seems it’s a lesser evil than the one who positions himself or his proteges in naked abuse of power like that last-termer mayor, who wants to slide down as vice mayor in the next elections, and disallows the possessions of the office of a rival vice mayor by taking out his government service vehicle, retiring his job order employees, allocating a shoestring budget to his office to immobilize and isolate him, make him undignified.
Unfortunately, this season of irritations has virtually no devil’s advocates in our midst as passivity is the general witness while too reclusive prying on the pubic coffers is oftentimes the order of the day. Be that as it may, but social penalty comes in when holders of power become the talk of the town. Alas, there is political karma when wrongdoers in power finally self-destruct in the eyes of the public, they being gnawed by the incessant talks and rumors in every nook and corner of the tinsel town.
When those in the two top positions in local power cannot already see eye to eye, the hasty generalization is that their long honeymoon is over. The political knot that binds them has finally snapped out, and what is in vogue and practical for one’s political career is for one and several to become political infidels in this period of irritations than be boxed out in the 11th hour. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)

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