COMMENTARY: Maricar of Comval Uno

March 31-April 6, 2011

Compostela Valley District 1 Congresswoman Maricar Zamora-Apsay is evidently rolling up her own sleeves, so to speak. She’s seen these days of congressional recess to be busy saturating her congressional district, gracing municipal occasions and visiting barangays. She’s currently launching her Serbisyo Maricar Summer Mania with sports and medical and legal services for and with her constituents particularly the youths, women and mothers.
If the current preoccupation of Cong. Apsay be seen in historical light, it is partly a sort of continuation to the preoccupation of her father, ex-Cong. Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora while her mania’s title reminds and in fact promotes her winning campaign slogan in the last May 2010 polls, Siempre (Serbisyo) Maricar.
Cong. Maricar had really prepared and worked her way to becoming a congresswoman now. She was the Sangguniang Kabataan federation chairman during the undivided Davao del Norte, and for three terms she became a regular boardmember. For that 12 years of serving the public as elected official for legislative function is obviously enough preparation for her to become a congresswoman. In that long preparation, she naturally has her own clientele and leadership separate from his father’s though it is largely seen that her network and organization of political supporters which caused for her electoral victory against ex- police officer Cesar Mancao are of is father (who did not run to other higher posts last May and instead concentrated campaigning to ensure her successor daughter’s victory).
Cong. Maricar, a daughter like her father, did not make and has a political shortcut like automatically becoming a political heir without first becoming even a purok leader. Maricar became first an SK leader before she becomes now a congresswoman. Way Kurat became first a municipal councilor in Monkayo before he became a congressman. These, as there are a lot of congressmen in the country who become who they are now – eventually becoming 3Ps fixtures in Congress (pungko, paminaw, pauli)- without at the least becoming elected in lower position, without even a modest preparation. And in our midst, we know them- the lucky ones, the unprepared who were chosen to become political successors, who won because their successful politician fathers have done their best for quite a long time in their political career.
The last thing we know of is that the people are short-changed by nary of legislation simply because they have only done pungko, paminaw, pauli in Congress. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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