COLUMN: The lonely filibuster

Oct 20-26, 2011


By Cha Monforte

The word tiff between Boardmembers Vicente Eliot Sr and Raymond Joey Millan may have originated when they were still both city councilors, I surmise. The two graduated from their straight three terms and they both became first-termer boardmembers after winning in the last May 2010 polls under the Liberal Party boat.

There seems to be democracy within the Davao del Norte LP as seen in the partymates’ tiffs and wranglings. Or we say now: political jealousies and political rivalries or political backstabbing or treachery to say the worst within the same LP camp. BM Millan may have the brain, BM Eliot may have the brawn. Now which is which that the people best prefer? But this is besides the thing, err about that langkat tarpaulin operation that had been reportedly engineered by a brother in politics in the last polls in Tagum City out of the need of one to rate top in the surveys during the campaign period. But nobody had protested. Someone only suspected  while the other one was suspected to have made political treachery and machination against a brother in politics. I’m not finger-pointing. Only words in political grooves have it. And we heard it.

We heard that the political stranger- Manoy Simeon of the DXPA (aka Boardmember Heracleo Codilla) in Comval’s Sangguniang Panlalawigan had been recently stripped of his government-issued service vehicle. In the province’s first district, it was only Codilla who managed to win in the last polls as a non-Uswag Comval candidate because the voters did not know that the one running was already the elder brother of the popular Boardmember Armando “Boy” Codilla. The voters thought that it was Boy who was running for reeelection for boardmember. Boy had graduated for his third term in 2010 polls and he ran  and won as Monkayo councilor now. In short, Manoy Simeon was politically clever. He rode on his own brother’s name recall, and he won as the last, fifth ranking District 1 boardmember. Now Codilla is reportedly filibustering alone the legislative measures of the ruling party. “Samokan kaayo si Mang Simeon,” said one boardmember who didn’t want to be named.  Apparently, his filibustering did him in- for being carless.

After the acquisition of the three heavy equipment, Mawab LGU is revising its tax revenue code. Values are increasing as the Jampayas administration wants to raise its local sources of income next year. That’s always the objective of each LGU. There are hitches though in the proposed revenue code. Last session, the town councilors were furnished with CDs which contains the proposed code. Councilors were complaining as some of them don’t know even how to operate a computer or run a CD, said Councilor Ronaldo Ampe. So they demanded for the hard copy. A browsing of the proposed code in CD would have you read portions that tell that its framers were reckless and irresponsible in making it. There were those words of Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte, which means that a portion was copied in that LGU. Another erroneous portion is the inclusion of the a wharf that has also to be taxed. There’s no sea in Mawab- it ‘s landlocked! It’s pretty a big mistake! OMG! – Oh My Gulay!The values for tax computation, too, seem to be “Americanized”, says one, as there are a lot of point decimals or point percentages. In this age of the Internet, copycats thrive and do their word heists recklessly. Overall, the code seems to be completely new one, not a revised one, complained one councilor.  So why should it be named revised local revenue code? It should be new and the old should be rejected first. We heard that it is the planning and development coordinator Roland Escanlar of the Mawab LGU who led in the making of the proposed code. (For comments, e-mail:


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