BM Eliot, 3-In-1 Foundation disperse 21,000 coconut seedlings

April 7-13, 2011

After distributing some 10,000 coconut seedlings, Boardmember Vicente “Enting” Eliot Sr and the Three-In-One Foundation are set to disperse the second batch of 11,000 coconut seedlings to thousands of lowly farmers in the District 1 in Davao del Norte.
In an interview, the boardmember said that he along former Congressman Baltazar Sator and former ABA partylist Congressman Dioscoro Granada have managed to collect the second batch of coconut seedlings from various sources through their foundation’s procurement activities and from kind-hearted donees such as their “brothers from the Knights of Columbus.”
He added that their seedling dispersal activities have been going on for over two years already along with their foundation’s spiritual-moral-legal seminars for the barangay people and beneficiaries.
He said the coconut seedling dispersal gives agricultural livelihood opportunities to their beneficiaries while it also contributes for the greening of the threatened environment. “A coconut lives for 50 to 70 years.”
He said their foundation unique seminars, usually conducted half day, aims for changes in men, for men to be God-fearing based on the law of God and the law of men.
Meanwhile, Boardmember Eliot has recently assisted in the operation tuli (free circumcision) services in San Isidro town by providing ice cream to some 200 newly circumcised boys.
BM Eliot is the vice president of the Three-In-One Foundation, while Sator and Granada serve as the president and secretary, respectively. The three anchor in their long-running early morning daily radio program “Gahom sa Katawhan”over 88.7 XFM. It can be heard 7-8 AM from Monday to Friday.
BM Eliot is on his first term as provincial legislator. He was a Tagum City councilor for three terms follwoing his stint as long-time barangay captain of Barangay Visayan Village, Tagum City. Known to have not been ashamed of his old livelihood as junk buyer of recyclable iron, plastics and other discards, he is known to be a makasama public servant. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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