CENRO Inguillo hails “kagwapo, kalimpyo sa Tagum”

March 24-30,2011

Community Environment and Natural Resources Officer (CENRO) Antonio Inguillo is all praises to Mayor Rey Uy for making Tagum as a greenest and cleanest city.
“Kagwapo gyod ug kalimpyo gyod sa Tagum,” he said in an interview with the Valley & City Chronicle.
He added that the mayor has been on the right track of making and sustaining his city’s good environment and cleanliness program.
“He’s not retrofitting, he’s forward planning, proactive and development-oriented ,” Inguillo described the mayor’s style of development planning.
“It’s seen in the putting up of big-sized drainage system in the city, and the great reforestation project along Hijo riverside which the mayor wanted to be massively planted with trees of 2,000 species,” he said.
CENRO Inguillo also said that the city has been having fast-pacing development through the years and he is seeing that the mayor has been planning, keeping abreast with what has been happening on the ground. “His is different as most of the planning efforts among LGUs cannot catch up fast-pacing developments.”
In the same interview, CENRO Inguillo also bared that his office would be launching another massive reforestation project to help combat climate change.
It will be done in cooperation with the Magdum barangay officials and stakeholders twho will plant some 20,000 tree seedlings that Inguillo has already stockpiled in his office’s nursery.
He said a reforestation drive under a food-for-work scheme would also be made at Tulinan, Talaingod, a highland nestling in a ground of about 850 above sea level.
“Farmers will be planting Benguet Pine trees there and they would be given rice as compensation,” he said. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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