Feb 24-mar 2, 2011

By Cha Monforte

Davao del Norte Capitol’s auditor Susan Qurequincia is still evaluating the security services contract and bidding papers of Christian Investigation Security Agency (CISA) at presstime. Will the COA declare the transaction legal or illegal? It should not be forgotten that the sitting acting governor at the time when the bidding was made and when the contract was awarded was not able to see even a shadow of the CISA bidding document. The position of then Acting Governor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio Jr was not respected as he was obviously bypassed by the CISA contract pushers! Santa Banana!

When this issue hits the streets, Comval is celebrating for its 13th founding anniversary, and we are reminded of the officials’ joke during the days before the 1998 breaking up the mother Davao del Norte, from where Comval was carved out. The gerrymandering of mother Davao del Norte was accordingly done by five officials -Late Gov. Prospero Amatong, erstwhile Tagum Mayor Victorio “Baby” Suaybaguio Jr, ex-Congresmen Rogelio “Roger” Sarmiento (old District 1), Baltazar Sator (old District 2), Rodolfo del Rosario (old District 3). They negotiated, bargained municipal territories, and the sharing of territories eventually came after settling many contentious issues and after lobbying Congress tooth and nail. As current Vice Gov. Suaybaguio reminisced, Maco, Laak and New Corella were first included in the smaller Davao del Norte, but ex-Gov. Amatong had his way in giving only New Corella to Davao del Norte and getting Laak and Maco for Comval to the resistance of Tagum politicians. One day, Vice Gov. Suaybaguio said to them that they were not actually engaged in gerrymandering but “ROGERmandering for the PROSperity of the provinces which would be blessed by King BALtazar and prayed on with a ROSARy so in the end they become VICTORIOus”. It’s another year’s time for the celebrating Comval to pay tribute to the Five Rogermandering officials who brought us now dealing with two separate provinces.
Panabo City Mayor Jose “Joe” Silvosa Sr is one of the rare breeds of politicians in the country. He has his own politics not patterned to what is in vogue and in trend. He’s not mayor who peddles “a money here and a money there” whenever barangay officials ask for his help. He gives them projects, FMRs (farm to market roads), monthly rice assistance for the barangays to distribute to barangay peace and order functionaries, and many others- “quite unlike to his predecessor,” one ex-barangay kagawad of remote San Roque told me. He added Mayor JoeSil is moving things for the barangays, and as to the news that ex-Mayor Rey Gavina would be running for a mayoral comeback by 2013, “Dili na maayo, morag dinalo ra pod na kay human na man siya na mayor ug naa pa ang iyang bayaw ug anak ug asawa sa pwesto.” He said that if Tadeco would not prevent ex-Mayor Gavina from running as mayor by 2013 it would not be a good model decision to be followed by the people, and barangay officials might again not follow Tadeco as in the case of now Councilor Emeterio Blase, an ex-barangay kapitan, who was supported by all barangay kapitans in the last May polls and who won fair and square despite that he was not anointed and supported by Tadeco. You see, the name of the great banana conglomerate, Tadeco, of Don Antonio “White Hair, Apo”Floirendo is really being uttered by people in the District 3 in evident deference and salutation to the great economic-political power of the conglomerate’s owner, heirs and successors.
BLOGS AND BITS: There’s sort of poetic justice meted to an executive department official. He had a stroke… City Councilors Oyo Uy and Nickel Suaybaguio are always seen together in public gatherings. A 2013 tandem?


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