Comval’s 13th founding anniversary treat: What about Madam Eunice Uy for gov?

March 3-9,2011

By Cha Monforte

2016 is still so far away and many things would happen in the political world of Compostela Valley. So with in Davao del Norte. Incumbent politicians in Comval are largely mum on politics these days, but 2016 election is already being talked about by too speculative political pundits this early because of the big implication associated with the vice gubernatorial post that would be up for grabs by anybody when last-termer Vice Gov. Ramil Gentugaya leaves by the near 2013. Cong. Rommel Amatong is reportedly uneasy now over the plan of former Cong. Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora to aspire for the vice gubernatorial post by 2013 as the latter if he gets that post would definitely give him an edge to other gubernatorial probables by 2016.

If you’re just a spit away from the gubernatorial post, and when present occupant Gov. Arturo “Chiongkee” Uy would be having his last term ended by 2016 yet, hence the vacancy, then the natural tendency for you is to aspire for the post nearest and higher to your position. But that is if you have logistics, which ex-Cong. Way Kurat has- evidently. By 2016 Cong. Amatong would have also his last term ended, and surely from where I sit- he has an eye for the governorship given that he has no other higher post to aspire for by that year. He is expected to swap posts with Gov. Uy by 2016.

The governor earlier said in an interview that Maragusan Mayor Cesar “Loloy” Colina Sr. turned down the offer to be his vice gubernatorial tandem following personal endorsement of Laak Mayor Rey Navarro. Colina has still one mayoral term for another reelection. So of the six VG probables, one is knocked out already (although other sources said that Colina wants to concentrate first serving his town and no politics yet for now). Who remains VG probables are Boardmembers and lawyers Dexter Lopoz and Ruwel Peter Gonzaga, ex-Nabunturan Mayor Macario Humol, ex-Cong. Way Kurat and Cong. Maricar Zamora-Apsay. The First Three are best choices for vice gubernatorial pick by 2013- Lopoz, Gonzaga and Humol who have no known big logistics and hence are not threats for the gubernatorial post by 2016. In other words, anyone among the First Three is a pushover if the governor has his other pick for his 2016 successor governor. But really the two lawyers – Lopoz and Gonzaga are the best choices for vice governor being lawyers if quality lawmaking function of the legislative department is to be considered (so I’m narrowing down further the list). But for the narrowest, it would be Lopoz since Gonzaga had his turn already during the gubernatorial reign of ex-Gov. Joecab. (An afterthought: after the first appointed and elected Comval Vice Gov. Rey Navarro, 2nd VG Gonzaga and 3rd VG Gentugaya, there’s this “comparative joke” on their respective labels of being the “most feared VG”, “most hated VG”, and “most loved VG” for VG Ramil’s said lax toleration of legislative employees’ travels). So that by 2016 when Gov. Uy leaves from his expected third term, who would be the best gubernatorial bet who could not threaten the comeback of Gov. Uy by 2019? Again, it’s one among the First Two or First Three, since the prospect of a Governor Amatong or a Governor Zamora would last beyond one term. We’re just being politically realistic here (And we’re reminded of ex-Cong. Way Kurat’s non-returning of his congressional seat to the begging ex-Cong. Roger Sarmiento).

But here’s a too early fearless forecast thrown. Really, the best gubernatorial material of Gov. Uy by 2016 would be his better half, Madam Eunice Uy, as in the description of a political pundit whom I recently talked over a cup of coffee in a known resto-coffee bar in Tagum City, “she’s soft-spoken, accomodating and has a personality that is not capable to hurt you. In politics, a non-threatening type of personality unifies and accomodates. And so there, the leadership of the governor is given wide avenue to be transferable to his spouse.” At the rate Madam Eunice is reportedly relating herself with most of the present mayors of Comval, even now she’s an acceptable figure for that distant 2016 prospect. She can also be a unifier cum reconciler leader like what Gov. Uy has been known all over. Pundits said that the governor’s son Jay Tyron Uy, who is still 25 todate, and by 2013 he would be 28 by then is good material for boardmember only, as when he’s tossed up to crack the gubernatorial post, feathers of old politicians would shake, rattle and roll and chances are many would try to rival a young Uy for governor. But things are different when it’s Madam Eunice Uy who would be the successor governor by 2016.

Certainly, Lopoz can provide a best legislative back up to Madam Eunice Uy. For the uninitiated, Lopoz is the 2000 bar topnotcher and is becoming one the most-sought-after lawyers in Davao City, if not in Mindanao (by firms like the Limketkai of Cagayan de Oro’s fame). Atty. Dex is just like a son of Madam Eunice in their possible tandem by 2016. (Not too faraway scenario, huh?)

The 2016 swap- Gov. Uy running for the District 2 congressional post and Cong. Amatong running for governor- can also be possible. But Amatong’s running for the post can open a karambola of sort since ex-Cong. Way Kurat would possibly not take it sitting down. Or VG Ramil, after three years of possible political forlough from 2013 to 2016, might do a comeback, by that time the governor’s post already. But we’ve heard that ex-police officer Cesar Mancao, who failed in his congressional bid against Cong. Maricar in District 1 last May 2010 polls, would be running for governor by 2013 if VG Ramil would be running against reelectionist Cong. Apsay. Many other scenarios, though the Mancao-Ramil running is farfetched for among observers, are emerging now. Fresh buzz in the rounds also said that ex-Cong. Way Kurat is also entertaining to run for gov by 2013, but this maybe his VG bargaining chip floated at this early.

There’s this talk that Gov. Uy can’t run for Congress as he’s not a natural-born Filipino citizen. It seems that the case is settled already- that he can run for Congress. Why did he run for Congress in 1998 polls against late Cong. Prospero Amatong and almost defeated the latter with the small margin of almost 2,000 votes only? It was that election when the issue of the governor’s citizenship was raised. It was not raised during the start of the campaign but five days before the election day. If the late Cong. Pros Amatong was serious about it he could have petitioned the Comelec to disqualify congressional candidate Uy when he filed his CoC. But late Cong. Pros Amatong filed his petition for disqualification against his congressional rival Uy 5 days before the 1998 election, ostensibly to make the issue left hanging until the election day. Still pundits are saying that even if a Congressman CK Uy by 2016 is protested for his citizenship, the case could be dragged on indefinitely by his lawyers until he completes his one congressional term by 2019, then he bids again for a gubernatorial comeback by 2019. There are really many scenarios and choices beginning 2013, or two years from now, but expect late this year 2011 for the political teapot to percolate more astir in Comval. Anyway, for all these political talks, happy 13th year founding anniversary to all celebrating Comvalenyos! Many things are coming and changing in your political front! We’re only talking about here- what if? and what when? and what about Madam Eunice?


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