At 95 “My dad (Don Antonio Floirendo) is very healthy, walang sakit” – Vincent F

march 10-16, 2011

He and AGR are texting to each other, “AGR is fine”

The youngest son of Tadeco’s owner Don Antonio Floirendo has bared that his Daddy is still very much in the pink of health at the age of 95.

In an interview, Liga ng Barangay provincial president Vincent “Enteng” Floirendo said that his father “is very healthy, walang sakit (no illness)” .

When asked of his father’s hearing capacity, “ayos pa rin (it’s well),” he said.

Asked on how his dad calls him, “Enteng if he is in a good mood, Vincent if he is in bad mood,” he said with chuckles.

Vincent, 42, is the youngest in Floirendo’s brood of three brothers and three sisters.

In the same interview, Boardmember Floirendo said that he and 1st District Congressman Anthony “AGR” del Rosario have been texting to each other while the latter is in the United States recuperating after his stem cell transplant and chemotherapy by the Stanford Cancer Center in Palo Alto, California.

In their most recent texting, Floirendo said that he learned that the congressman has just a fine health after being healed of his Hodgkin lymphoma cancer, but “kailangan pa ng pahinga (he still needs further rest).”

He added that the congressman could have returned to the country already but his doctors are not taking any chance to expose Del Rosario to elements of diseases inside the airplane and the congressman is “medyo sensitive pa (appears to be sensitive)”.

He said that so far Cong. AGR “is already healed” and as such “he is on re-mission” after being given a “second chance to live”.

“Sa June ang balik niya,” Boardmember Floirendo said.

He admitted that he is “closer” to AGR although the latter is older by 4 years of him. “We played and grew up together.”

“Mas magkasundo kami although kaedad ko si Manny (AGR’s brother),”he added. (cha monforte)


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