Panabo public CR in terminal hits almost P1 M income in 2010

Feb 3-9, 2011

By Cha Monforte

The operation of the comfort room is proving to be also a lucrative crown jewel market business of local government units as, for one, the Panabo City’s public CR hit almost P1-million income in year 2010.

Panabo City public market supervisor Nemesio “Boy” Rasgo bared that for the whole year the sole terminal CR grossed P832,279 in cash tickets.

So with it, he is initiating now to construct an additional bigger and posh public toilet inside the terminal building to serve better the public and cash in on more from the call of nature of passengers and people in the vicinity.

The cash tickets of city’s public CR proved to have increasing trend in amounts from January’s P63,132 to December’s peak of P91,786.

The terminal fees from public utility vehicles is the traditional topnotcher though among income sources from the public market operations of the city government. In the same year, it grossed a so high P10,094,137 before the CR’s income.

Incomes from other sources are: stall rental- P620,731.80, electric bills- P280,388, water bills- P24,274, certification fees- P29,200, fines and penalties- P60,644.

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