OPINION: Beautiful and Clean Tagum

Jan 27-feb 2, 2011

Tagum CENRO Antonio Inguillo hit the head of the nail when he appreciated, “kagwapo, kalimpyo sa Tagum.” Well, that could be a good motto to be adopted by the city government. Kagwapo, beautiful, there refers to the dramatic facelift in the city made by City Mayor Rey “Chiong Oy” Uy. It refers to the massive infrastructures introduced by the mayor during his 4 terms as city mayor (he got 1 term as mayor in 1998-2002 then interrupted by the subsequent mayorship of ex-Gov. Yayong Gementiza, and then Mayor Cee O started again as a first-termer mayor in 2004, won his 2nd term in 2007 and his last term in 2010). Needless to say, beautiful includes the growing palms, the green in the city. The clean is evident in the clean streets and pavements. For these, “Kagwapo, Kalimpyo sa Tagum Ampingan Ta!” can be the apt city’s motto- Al Rosero


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