Ex-Mayor Gavina to run if Silvosa seeks 3rd term

Feb 3-9, 2011

By Cha Monforte

Panabo ex-Mayor Rey Gavina is reportedly bent to run for mayor if second-termer Mayor Jose “Joe” Silvosa Jr will seek his reelection for his third term by 2013 polls.

Sources in Panabo political quarters who often meet infront the city’s Hall of Justice have said that Gavina is bound to challenge Silvosa with is brother-in-law Vice Mayor James Gamao in tandem.

Panabo political pundits said that Gavina and Silvosa had agreed in a “negotiation” before the filing of the certificate of candidacy in the last May 2010 polls that by 2013 it would be Gavina’s turn for a comeback as a city mayor.

Gavina was reportedly bent to run for mayor but was only prevailed upon not to, to give way to Silvosa’s  reelection as directed by the “Tadeco’s political kingpins” obviously referring to ex-Congressman Antonio “Tonyboy” Floirendo Jr and 2nd District Congressman Anton Lagdameo. “Panabo’s politics is determined by Tadeco,” a pundit said.

City pundits, awash with political talks nowadays, said that if the second-termer Gamao would be the vice mayoral tandem of Gavina, Silvosa would likely pick as his vice mayoral tandem other still formidable potentials in the city like Ruperto Cagape Jr, who rivaled and staged a close mayoral fight against Silvosa in the 2007 election. The talks have even reached the Mankilam Capitol.

“Both (Silvosa and Gavina) can respectively form formidable slates making the 2003 election in Panabo exciting one yet awaited to happen or not,” pundits said.

But a Silvosa-Gavina mayoral fight scenario is giving complications to Gamao, who is expected to become next city mayor by 2016 if the Silvosa-Gamao tandem would continue by 2013 polls. Both are second-termer and ran in tandem under the Tadeco-blessed administration party in the the 2007 and 2010 polls.

And if Gamao can sustain his credibility when he becomes the next city mayor starting 2016, his kin first-termer City Councilor and current PCL representative Janrey “Biboy” Gavina awaits also to be the faraway city mayor after Gamao’s terms. “It would be a long way for them,” another pundit said referring to the political future of the Gavina-Gamao clan in Panabo City. “Otherwise, if Gavina fights Silvosa and he would have no much political luck to trounce Silvosa by 2013, other family names like Cagape, Peligro, Gentiles or Dela Pena might emerge and James and Biboy would lose a looming good political future and their good family names would be erased from the political map of Panabo City.”

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