Non-discrimination vs. Muslims in Panabo City Hall cited

The new citygeneral services officer Madera Bautista said that she can personally attest that Muslims have long not been discriminated in various administrations of Panabo City.

“From Mayor Pedro Dacumos, who hired me in June 1984 up to Mayor Jose Silvosa, in his time when I got my present post now from being the city assistant general services officer,” said Bautista, a Kalagan Muslim from Barangay Datu Abdul.

“Even throughout the city, there’s no dscrimination, there’s even greater closeness and solidarity between Christians and Kalagan Muslims,” she said.

She is a relative granddaughter of Datu Abdul, a legendary chieftain of Kalagan Muslims in the city.

Before her present post as CGSO, she first worked in the planning department in1984 and in 1985 she was transferred to the mayor’s office under Mayor Jose Cafe administration. In 1990 she was detailed back to the planning department until she became the supply officer of general services department from 2008 to 2009. Last year she was promoted as the assistant general services officer (AGSO), and because by April 2010, Josefina Roquia retired as CGSO, she was elevated to become the OIC CGSO. By September 2010 she became the full-pledged CGSO.  Until present, she has 26 years of serving the local government of Panabo City.

Bautista is a holder of Master in Local Governance, which she gained through distance study.  (cha monforte)


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