jan 13-19, 2011

The Christian Investigation and Security Agency (CISA), which bagged the contract for security services need of the Davao del Norte provincial government is a Quezon City-based firm whose owner is “a friend and political supporter” of President Noynoy Aquino, said a source who had been a former manager of a different security agency.

He said that he heard that the CISA owner has been going around in the country bagging contracts of local governments whose mayors and governors are members of the Liberal Party (LP). P-Noy ran and won under the LP.

What I heard from friends in the security business is that the CISA owner is “a friend and political supporter of P-Noy.”

Per web research until Wednesday, the Valley & City Chronicle found so far various items about CISA but mostly about its location and address inManila.

Capitol officials earlier said that the CISA found the bidding opportunity through the PhilGEP website and that CISA got the contract fair and square following the procedures of Republic Act No. 9184 otherwise known as Government Procurement Reform Act.

Several boardmembers earlier wanted that the contract should first pass the legislative department raising an issue that they should first be consulted by it.

But officials in the executive department contended that they were just following the new law and that the procurement of security services is just like buying regular goods and services that the Capitol needs, and inasmuch that the P8-million budget security agency was already included in the approved annual budget for 2011 there was no longer a need to pass it to the legislative department.

CISA, the second lowest bidder, was declared by the provincial Bids and Awards Committee to have the “Lowest Calculated Responsive Bid” after the lowest bidder, the Butuan City-based United Field Sea Watchman and Checkers Agency (UFSWCA) faield to comply final requirements. UFSWA only was good to have the “Lowest Calculated Bid” and not the “Lowest Calculated Responsive Bid”.

CISA offered a bid of P6.3 million worth of security services for the whole year of 2011. 

Some 38 CISA’s guards have replaced the over 60 casual and contractual guards under the Capitol’s Civil Security Services (CSS) which was deactivated by Governor Rodolfo del Rosario before the end of last year as part of his cost-saving and public-private partnership programs.

Retaining the old security personnel through the CSS would eat up some P13 million annual budget for security services. 

Earlier, provincial administrator Rufo Peligro said that the hiring of private security agency would save the provincial government at least P4 million annually.

The governor also bared earlier that the deactivation of the civill security services would contribute amounts for the annual salary increases of permanent personnel and comply with the 45-percent ceiling on personnel services (PS) of the provincial government. (cha monforte)


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