Capitol’s new security procedure draws mixed reactions

jan 13-19, 2011

“Ah, mora na mag Malacanang,” says one broadcaster who had experienced going to theMalacanangPalacesometime ago.

He said he found the inspection and frisk made by the Christian Investigation and Security (CISA) guards as awkward and undeserving to him who has been going in and out from the Davao del Norte Capitol for eight years now.

“Laina pamation uy nga gikapkapan na ko,” he added.

Others said that the new security procedure being implemented is so strict that would set a wide distance between the people and the provincial government.

But Capitol officials shrugged off the intial negative reactions   to the new security procedure being implemented saying, “nabag-ohan lang na sila (they reacted because it’s new)” and in due time they can live and adjustwith it.

Governor Rodolfo del Rosario issued a Memorandum Order 003 last Jan. 3 implementing a new security procedure which included presentation of ID during the inspection and checkups, wearing of visitors’ ID ,  and the need of gate pass and entry stickers for public and private vehicles.

White-wearing security guards from CISA, which bagged the P6.3-million contract for security services for 2011, are now seen at the main entrance gate of the Capitol in Barangay Mankilam, raising a placard to drivers to roll down their windows when their vehicle pass by while some guards with armalites stand on guard snappily at the Capitol lobby and doors   with watchful eyes to those coming in and going out. They also stop single motorcycles and inspect U boxes. Clients from the public are now pinning visitors ID while transacting inside the main Capitol building.

Unfortunately, many of the guards do not yet know who are the officials of the province and they are not giving snappy salute to them. 

One BIR-transacting client interviewed by the Valley & City Chronicle who talked on the condition of anonynimiy had a  mouthful to Capitol officials: “Unsa man na sila, may threat gyod ata? Kay mora na mag may Martial Law sa Kapitol?”(cha monforte)


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