“AGR would be back between May and June”, “hopefully, if nothing happens” – Gov. RDR

jan 20-26, 2011

For 6X, guv utters padrinos of the old Capitol guards

 Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario said over the press forum at the Capitol the other Thursday that his son Congressman Anthony G. Del Rosario (AGR) would be back in the province “between May and June” this year, “hopefully, if nothing happens”

He said Cong. AGR has not returned yet, “although he is already completely healed”, as “he is still undergoing regular checkups” like CT scans and others after undergoing his stem cell transplant.

“The stem cell transplant is a new treatment for lymphoma. When he was in the St. Luke (Hospital), there was no stem cell for him,” the governor bared.

He added that April is Cong. AGR’s last check up in the doctors’ timetable.

On the new look of the AGR as shown in the governor’s Facebook account where AGR is seen to have thin hair, Gov. RDR said, “bagay naman sa kanya, bisag kalbo kasi bilog ang mukha niya.”

The governor said that he even joked AGR to maintain his new look as it suits him.

On the other hand, the governor had uttered for at least six times during his guesting of the Kapihan sa Kapitolyo media forum the word padrinos that he said had been associated with the old security personnel securing the Capitol. He had already replaced them with the guards of a private security firm, the Christian Investigation and Security Agency (CISA), which bagged the contract for the Capitol’s security services.

The governor said that the old security personnel became already so lax in securing the Capitol and have padrinos which resulted to their undisciplined conduct and the loosening of security in protecting the Capitol, its employees and those visiting it.

He said that he had personally seen some of the old security personnel sleeping in their post.

He added that he also heard about the problem of disciplining them as some of them would seek for protection from their padrinos.

“Dapat ako lang ang padrino dito,” the governor said.

“Noong una di (sila) matanggal, may mga padirno, may mga alalay. At least, you give this time to me,” he added.

The governor also dismissed the issue that there is existing threat to the Capitol saying that he could not take for granted whatever happens to the Capitol due to lax security as he is answerable to it.

Besides, he added, there is this problem of terrorism and reported bombings in other places and “let us not wait until something happens.

“Our security must be improved. We should be strict in our security services. That’s why I’m bringing in a private security to secure our facilities,” he said. (cha monforte)


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