“AGR’s fight vs. the Big C is an uphill battle”- Tagum surgeon

jan 20-26, 2011

Commenting to the survival chances of District 1 Congressman Anthony del Rosario following his chemotherapy treatments and stem cell transplant, a known surgeon in Tagum City opined that the congressman based on news reports is still well on an uphill battle against the Big C- cancer.

The doctor, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said that even if the congressman has successfully underwent the stem cell transplant “there is still that possibility for recurrence later.”

Stem cell transplant is a new treatment used to cure persons inflicted with hodgkin lymphoma cancer.

“In both old and new medical technologies, we (doctors) cannot tell in all certainty unlike in engineering that engineers can compute details and effects with precision. There are just so many variables that you have to consider before declaring with faith and hope that the cancer patient is off of the disease,” the surgeon said.

“New medical technologies might work in our expectations, but the same, we can only have faith and hope,” he added.

He though wished that Cong. AGR who was treated byStanfordCancerCenter, a known cancer specialty hospital in the most advanced country in the world, theUnited States, is now completely healed of his hodgkin lymphoma cancer.

Governor Rodolfo del Rosario earlier said in a media forum that his son congressman will be coming home by June “hopefully”if nothing unexpected would happen in his continuing medical checkups following the stem cell transplant and chemotherapy treatments. (cha monforte)


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