Dec 16-22, 2010

Tagum City Mayor Rey “Chiong Oy” Uy bared in an interview that he would be converting the old City Hall as a museum of the city once the new City Hall at the Apokon is completed and the city government will already hold office there.

“The original look of the old City Hall will be restored, “ he said on another coming development plan under his third-term administration.

old city hall of tagum

He added that the old city hall as museum would not necessarily be closed for offices saying that he planned that non-government organizations (NGOs) will hold office in the SP building.

In the mayor’s plan the old main city hall building will be restored back to its original look and its non-original annexes will be demolished. It will then be refurbished and stressed with features of historical significance and importance to the city like showcasing historical strides made by the city and by its past city officials since its founding as well as the present competitive advantages, business and tourism potentials to give a quick look to visiting outsiders and tourists what is Tagum City before and now.

“Maybe the city jail would be also be retained as feature,” Mayor Uy said.

Once the old city hall is turned a museum, it would sit like a leonine historical artifact surrounded by well-landscaped frontage park with possible water fountain while the Freedom Park at its back would remain for its function and would also be refurbished.

On the other hand, the mayor also bared that he plans to fully develop the San Agustin Park at New Balamban with a possible bird park  and along the stretch of the road leading to the park, cottage industries will rise up, end- to-end.

As to the two-hectare land recently donated by the Pajardo family to the city which is located at Barangay San Miguel, the mayor has no plan yet for it although he said that it could possibly be made as an “eco park…green area”.

But he said that the development of these will be made “within ten years”.

Mayor Uy has almost two more years now in his third term, and his last statement has drawn speculations on another Uy political continuance to pursue what he started and what he will be starting in his last term.

In an earlier interview with the Valley & City Chronicle two months ago, the mayor broke a news that he wanted second-termer senior City Councilor De Carlo “Oyo” Uy to be his next city mayor. (Rural Urban News/Cha Monforte)


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